The Vaporesso Aurora Play, An EightVape Review


The Vaporesso Aurora Play, An EightVape Review

Vaporesso has been one of the market leaders in vaporizer manufacturing for a long time now, releasing best selling products like the Luxe, the revenger, and the Polar 220W Mod year after year. Their most recent device is set to be released soon and it’s already being touted as a must have device by early reviewers. Sharing a similar design to the original Aurora device, this new pod vaporizer takes all the best features and improves on them.

Here’s a quick look at the new Vaporesso Aurora Play!

Aurora Play

The Looks

As far as the design of this device goes I have to give it an A+ across the board. It’s pretty close in size to the Orion Go device but the chassis is completely unique to the Vaporesso brand.

Built using zinc alloy materials, the Aurora Play is housed inside a Zippo-esque chassis with a hinged top providing access to the mouthpiece and pod. It even borrows the same cam lever that you find in Zippo lighters to provide that satisfying click upon opening and closing the top hinge. This device comes in a variety of styles and colors including a very stylish etched metal design.

It also features two cutaway windows in the outer shell so you can see the level of Eliquid in your pod. Inside the flip top you’ll find a 510 style drip tip and a press-to-fill port for refilling Vapor Juice. The spring loaded valve on the PTF port helps ensure a leak free experience when you refill your pods.

How It Works

The Aurora Play is designed for beginner users with its simple on/off button and automatic draw activated firing. But it also includes features that veteran vapers will enjoy like variable wattage settings with 3 different wattage outputs to choose from. This device is built with the OMNI Board Mini installed, which includes standard safety features such as Overcharge protection, Short-circuit protection, and more.  

As far as performance goes the Aurora Play is a winner in my book. The automatic draw firing activates instantly and delivers decent vapor clouds given that this is a pod device. There have been no issues with misfires, no Eliquid spitback, no dry hits, and no pod leaking to speak off. It’s powered by a 650mAh battery that provides respectable battery life, and even if it dies on you the Play supports pass through charging so you can still vape with it while it’s charging. Typically the device can go from 0 charge to full battery in 45 minutes, give or take a few.  

To Buy or Not To Buy?

My final verdict on the Aurora Play is that it’s a solid buy buy buy. If you’re looking for a new pod device and you like to keep your vaping lowkey than this device is perfect for you! You could have this device sitting out on a countertop and no one would second guess that it’s actually a vaporizer and not a lighter. Not to mention all the great features and options packed into the Aurora Play!

One of my friends had the original Aurora device and after he let me borrow it for a weekend I knew I had to get one for myself. Now with this new version coming out I have the perfect excuse to buy one!

What do you think about vaporesso devices? Have you tried the first aurora device? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!   

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