Vapeful To Put Down Cigarettes For Good

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Vapeful To Put Down Cigarettes For Good

By Kyle Jordan

With a cup of coffee in front and vape in hand, clouds of toast & jam roll across the bar, dancing along my Mac screen. A sight of a smoker in the rain with his hunched back and beaten down body language, strikes an old memory. 

It's summer in the year 1999. The air is warm, breeze in the hair and sunshine on my face. The scent of a minty, burning 'Kool' cigarette drifts under my nose as my dad tossed his usual 1/3 to the ground. Though I had witnessed countless of these still smoldering baccy sticks in the grass, this day things were different. While dad walked away carrying chopped wood to the pit, my curious little fingers decided to reach down and see what all the hype was about. Smart kid. 

Cough, cough, cough. "These are nasty" I said looking at my twin brother. Nasty as they were, our 7th grade summer we hid out any where possible to smoke. Our dad eventually caught on to our sneakiness and found our stash that was stuffed underneath the carpet in our bedroom. Summer was over. Dad called Mom, and sent us back home 60 miles. 

Nearly fifteen year's had passed. The initial innocent 'ciggy' I had picked up as a kid was now a living nightmare as an adult. Hopeless feelings of a smoker who will never be able to kick the habit sets in each day upon wakening. Battles in the mind, body and soul rage to keep you stuck in the muck with big tobacco. 

Now, the calendar reads 2014, and there's a fun new word called "Vape". Once again I'm curious like a kid, just a bit smarter these days. Shops with glowing neon signs begin to emerge in familiar areas I've always been. Of course it doesn't take long before my feet stroll inside to peek around. Everything was new to me. The language seemed quite foreign and terms I'd never heard before were coming out of the guys mouth. 

Walked out with a 'vape pen' and a smirky smile that day. Little did I know, it was the moment that would change my life. I quit smoking cigarettes. Fifteen years of awful tobacco's damage to my heart, lungs, teeth, and family who waved the reek of ashtray while combating plumes of death. 

These days it's fresh and clean. I breathe better, feel better, smell/taste has greatly improved and people are happy to smell the lovely aroma of Jam Monster instead of Newport. Breakfast is a much happier place with a cup coffee and delicious vape. Not only was I able to quit and greatly improve my life, I was able to pay it forward. My dad also quit smoking after more than 35 years! A friend of his quit too after more than 25 years of smoking. 

Thankful is an understated word to describe the depth of feelings for those dear to my heart who have changed their lives through vaping. Witnessing these people conquer a crippling addiction through vaping is nearly miraculous. I am beyond grateful for the vape industry and every single effort put forth by the hard working armies of the business. Eight Vape! Thank you for being such a crucial piece to the puzzle and supplying all of us at the very best prices! My family, along with thousands of others wish your families the best Thanksgiving! 




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  • Posted on by Kyle Jordan

    Thank you all at Eight Vape once again for the hard work & efforts each of you put in. Greatly appreciate each one of you!

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