Vapeful To Have Finally Quit Smoking


Vapeful To Have Finally Quit Smoking

By Susana

I am grateful for being able to quit smoking after 9 years. I tried everything, until my aunt told me about your store (she lives in miami. She is not a customer, but her husband always buys with you).

I'm grateful to have bought my first vape and feel better than I've felt for years. I'm grateful that I got my husband and my mother out of the cigarettes. I am grateful to be able to enjoy my daughter's childhood without having to take a shower every time I smoked. (in this regard, both me and my husband).

I am grateful for each subject that comes out on your blog and makes me understand more and more a world that has become my new hobby. Here in Brazil, we walk slower than tortoise steps when it comes to the legalization of electronic cigarettes. But if it was not for you, I'd probably still be smoking 3 packs a day like I used to, so I'm grateful to that too!

And finally, I am grateful for the quality that you provide with each purchase made. Even if I did not win anything (I write not to try to earn anything but because I could never write a thank-you letter), I wanted to extend my deepest thanks to all of you from eightvape. For all your customer service, for all the creativity you have given me throughout this year.

I, with absolute certainty, will always be a loyal customer. Keep it up, as always. I wish you All a great, prosperous, happy, healthy, bright, delicious, sweaty, energetic and vapetastic Thanksgiving day

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