Vapeful To Be My Authentic Self



Vapeful To Be My Authentic Self

By Ashley Holt

I am extremely grateful for my wonderful wife and our two decently OK kids. My wife has pushed me to one come out of the closet and told my family to push me into my dream job of being a teacher and lastly pushed me to be the authentic me.

I was in the closet for 28 years and when I started dating my wife it was in October and on our very first Thanksgiving my family came down to visit and when I was getting dressed I dress very feminine when my family came in but I was pretty “Butch”.

As I got dressed and pulled out my purse and did my hair and make up my girlfriend set they’re in bed and cried and all she kept saying is I just don’t understand why you have to change yourself you’re perfect and you’re beautiful.

At that moment I knew she was the one, and even though I went and had dinner with my parents I came back I changed into my normal clothes and I took her to Perkins and we got our Thanksgiving dinner at 1 AM in the morning. 

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