Vapeful For My Mother's Fantastic Final Years


Vapeful For My Mother's Fantastic Final Years

By Brandon Stephens


Things I am grateful for..?

As of November 19th my mom passed away late that night with lung cancer. It had spread to her lymph nodes and organs as well. She was an amazing mother of five children. But she had smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for over thirty five years. She suffered greatly over the past few months but peace found her quickly. 

     However, three years ago we decided to start vaping and we both quit tobacco cold Turkey using this method. I had smoked a pack a day for twenty years. 

    Almost immediately after, her health and energy was returning. We could go out and do things we had talked about for years. In essence, the last two years had been the most amazing time we had spent together. 

   I'm grateful for vaping. What it can do and just how much more I had to experience with my mom because of it. It's hard to try and explain but the last few weeks of her life were unforgettable.

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