Vapeful In Ways I Can Barely Express



My whole life I grew up with everyone in my family smoking. My grandpa smoked his whole, my mom smoked since she was a kid, and my dad started smoking when he joined the marines. The three men I always looked up to and aspired to be like when I grew older was my dad, grandpa, and my uncle, so it was hard to stay tobacco free when smoking was all they did. 


Vapeful In Ways I Can Barely Express

By Elijah Chapa

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 11 just because I wanted to be like them. I eventually lost my grandpa to lung cancer, which should’ve been an eye opener. I wanted to break the habit but I couldn’t ever do it. I had been to other vape stores but it was like everybody thought of themselves like they were above me because they didn’t have the same addiction as me, it also didn’t help that every place was so expensive.

I stayed smoking until I turned 21 when I found this website. I saw how fairly priced everything was and how user friendly the website was. I started looking for a vape and ended up buying an aegis legend. It was delivered within 3 days (which was super impressive) and man, I haven’t looked back, haven’t picked up a pack of cigarettes since.

I started to actually feel like a teenager again, instead of getting out of breath or feeling like I was going to have a heart attack anytime I would just get out of bed. After a while of me trying to get my dad to quit and switch to vaping, he finally agreed and he quit just like that. He eventually got my uncle to switch.

I'm incredibly thankful for y’all, if I wouldn’t have found this website, who knows how much more time I would’ve had with my dad and uncle, and I can confidently say, they’re thankful too. Y’all helped all of us get off those cancer sticks and have given us more days to enjoy together... and for that, I really can’t express how grateful I am.

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