Vapeful For The Little Angels In My Life


Vapeful For The Little Angels In My Life

By Jodi Dixon

But at 52 I now have 5 grandchildren that live a bit away. And 2 step grandbabies, of my sister I see daily. My sister has M.S., so I gladly fill in.
I turned 52 in June, I've been a smoker for around 37 years. 
Starting at 15 and only stopping when I was with child. My favorite saying was if I stopped smoking, I'll be in jail within days. For multiple reasons. But to be honest I was scared... how could I stop? Its part of me.

Well this sweet child I have shared, I love her so much. She's a bright light in a dark place for all of us. You know when people say, there's just something about that one... Well she has that something special.

At times she would ask to spend time with me... we would run and play... but I could not hold her... my smokers clothing would have her coughing and Jojo had to stay away.

As a grandmother of 5 and step grandmother to this bright star and her amazing brother, it was so hard to say no to the hugs or extra love. 

Okay. I got a bit off course...

On with why in so thankful, and how this miracle happened.

Leaving a dentist appointment on July 9th 2018, I ran in to a angel. 

She was 72 years of age, just PUFFING away on this crazy looking thing.

She told me how amazing my cigarette smoke smells and how she missed it, but with this little device she has walked away from smoking after 55 years. She told me, "Sweetheart, just give it a try," and handed me a card.

Now 4 months later, I'm so full of thankfulness for that sweet older lady, princess, my heavenly angel. Because if this older lady could vape like a train, not coughing or getting chocked up... Well I just knew if she could do it, so could I... It's like she brought the fight out in me.. 

If you would have asked me 4 months ago if I was healthy or felt smoking was hurting me, well, I would have lied.

But let me just say...

Thank you EightVape, all E-Juice companies, and to everyone that's had a hand in this amazing gift vaping is for me and so many. 

I'm living now.. and holding my beautiful babies with no guilt or coughing, for me or her. I can truly say vaping saved my life and made me such a bigger part of 7 wonderful little lives who need me so... no words could ever say what a gift it is to not smoke, and with out vaping I know I would have never stopped.

I believe that with all my heart.


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