Vapeful For My Loving Family and Vaping Family

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Vapeful For My Loving Family and Vaping Family

By Anthony Summerlin


What am I Vapeful for this year is my daughter and The Vaping community, very much including EightVape. My daughter is named Delilah and she was born this year. We all hope our children come into this world safely and as parents we do whatever is necessary to keep them safe. So when my wife and I who have been smoking for over 15 years a piece found out she was pregnant it was time to quit smoking period.

With my wife it was easy as pie; or should I say pie e-juice because the only thing that got her through in the pregnancy without smoking was vaping! With over 4,000 toxins there is no way we were letting my wife put another cigarette into her body. So that day I went down to my local vape store and bought $100 worth of Vape equipment (which was just a starter kit and 100 ml of ejuice, at the time I thought I was getting a deal hahaha) and she never looked back.

Me on the other hand it wasn't so easy; cigarettes were a big part of who I was. I used to joke I was next for the "throne" to be the Marlboro Man. I've always been the type of person to look for a good deal and when my daughter turned 10 months I took her to the park and was pushing her in the stroller going faster and faster for she was laughing harder and harder when I started to run out of breath. I sat down and after about 5 minutes lit up a cigarette.

The wind caught the smoke and was pushed right into my baby's face. She began coughing like there was no tomorrow and when I tried to pick her up I could tell she didn't like the smell of the cigarettes on me. At that moment I was hit with the realization, every second I smoked I was harming her with second hand smoke and sooner or later she would notice her father smoking cigarettes; and as they say, monkey see monkey do.

I wasn't going to let my little monkey grow up thinking that putting harmful things in her body it was okay no matter what it was. As I said before I was always a type of person looking for a deal so when I decided to give up smoking and start vaping it was time to go online and find me a starter kit because I for goddamn sure wasn't going down to that vape shop and paint $100 again for something I found on for half the price, literally half the price.

I did my studying, went on a whole bunch of different other sites, and I'm back up at eightvape. After initially looking over the website I saw a lot of mixed reviews but decided to roll the dice, and to this day I still think God I did! Because being thankful for my daughter also means being thankful to great sites like eightvape.

After my first order I was hooked, great service, fast shipping, and crazy good prices, what else could you want? Then I found out that you could start doing the reviews for credit and so I started doing reviews just to get a few dollars off my order. When I tried emailing my review video to them they suggest that I uploaded on YouTube so that it would open on their email browser, and this serendipitous piece of advice changed my life forever.

I started a vape Channel Just For Fun on YouTube and decided to start a Twitter and Instagram feed so I can follow great deals like eightvape and other sites. I figured if I was going to start doing reviews I might as well go full blast and with the great deals at eightvape I could get a lot of reviews done without spending a lot of money, and at the same time increasing my inventory and my enthusiasm for vaping.

The whole vaping community has opened up their RDTA and their HEART. Since starting, I've ordered over 10 times with eightvape and started doing reviews for them and for my own page, each time service is better and better. Thanks to eightvape I've stopped smoking, start living a healthier life for me and my daughter and literally changed her future not including mine too.

I'm now spending my extra money and time getting more and more into the vaping community and it's become like another family and easily one of the biggest joys in my life! Everyday I wake up grab my mod and hit the sites not only to find good deals but to connect with the community I've come to know and love.

Every day my daughter gets bigger and smarter and I thank God, eightvape, and vaping itself, for making our future a bit brighter and the only clouds in our future taste like heaven (or heaven flavored e-juice).

Waking up to the ridiculous Vapin vocab always puts a little stupid smile on my face, and I'm always waiting for Jordan's Juice to be like WTF Mate, but in a the best of ways! Happy turkey day to all and thanks for letting me say what I'm really thankful this year, if I would have said this at my family dinner I'd prob be cooked for desert by my marb smoking family lol. Thanks and have a blessed season vapers!



Anthony Sumerlin


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    Thanks for putting up his really appreciate the love and it def goes both ways!

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