Vapeful For My Healthy Port


Vapeful For My Healthy Port

By Tiffany Sheets

Well this year my Port had to be replaced because it was not functioning properly. What is a Port you ask? It is a device that they slide under your skin like a tube to your vein thru your chest cavity to send medicine to your bloodstream. Since the right side decided to act up they placed it onto the left side.

Everything is running smoothly again. I battle several physical and mental disabilities daily. Vape has given me a healthier alternative to living to help beat the battle. I am very thankful for my working Port. It doesn't seem like much but to me vaping gets me thru the hard days. Sometimes getting thru one minute is enough.

I hope everyone at eight vape has a healthy holidays.  


PS a graphic pic of what the incision only one looks like! It's a forever process I am learning to live with great fully that we have these new medical life saving devices.

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