Thankful For What Vaping Has Given Me


Thankful For What Vaping Has Given Me

By Anthony Rogers


I'm more than grateful that I had began vaping 5 years ago. Smoking had killed my dad, and I wasn't far behind him even at 22. I was constantly in and out of the emergency room with severe chest pains and difficulty breathing.

In the summer of 2013 I attempted to quit smoking and smokeless tobacco with a blu cig a like, but that didn't help at all. I then found a similar kit with a refillable cartridge and I started using 36 mg nicotine, and that was what got me started but I was still smoking and dipping.

When I had met my girlfriend at the time who is my wife now, she wanted to quit smoking as well. When she found out she was pregnant with our daughter, she put the cigarettes down for good but she had gotten sick. She ended up having necrotizing fasciitis from having our daughter.

She almost died right before my eyes and I thought I was going to lose it all. She pulled through with her surgery and recovery, it still amazes me how strong she is to be fighting for her life at the time and was more worried about me and my health than hers. I'm beyond grateful that I have a strong beautiful woman that pushed me into vaping. If I haven't quit smoking and dipping, I'd be six feet under 

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