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Thankful For Man's Best Friend

Karina White | November 30 2018

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Thankful For Man's Best Friend

By Tim

My Thanksgiving was spent alone, with no family, besides my dog Butters. My family has passed away, Mom when I was 9, Dad at 10 and my older brother 4 years ago. 

I am thankful for Butters being back in my life. My now EX wife Katie took him to Wyoming August 1st and left him, coming back to Alabama alone. It took me 3 months to find Butters and 2nd week in October I found him in Rock Springs, Wyoming. I flew there, got Butters and drove back home to Alabama. 

I and thankful (vapeful) for finding him and getting him back. 

As for Katie....her loss, I don't care. Now I understand evil. 

Vape on and thank you 8 Vape

-Tim from Bama


Here is me and Butters in Vegas at my friends house when it was chilly out.



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