Thankful For Man's Best Friend


Thankful For Man's Best Friend

By Tim

My Thanksgiving was spent alone, with no family, besides my dog Butters. My family has passed away, Mom when I was 9, Dad at 10 and my older brother 4 years ago. 

I am thankful for Butters being back in my life. My now EX wife Katie took him to Wyoming August 1st and left him, coming back to Alabama alone. It took me 3 months to find Butters and 2nd week in October I found him in Rock Springs, Wyoming. I flew there, got Butters and drove back home to Alabama. 

I and thankful (vapeful) for finding him and getting him back. 

As for Katie....her loss, I don't care. Now I understand evil. 

Vape on and thank you 8 Vape

-Tim from Bama


Here is me and Butters in Vegas at my friends house when it was chilly out.


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