Be Grateful For Everything


Be Grateful For Everything

By Trish P.

Hi! I’m entering this b/c I have no money, not as a contest, as NOBODY EVER WOULD WANT MY LIFE; But, I Am Completely Grateful Everyday For... Because- I Am So Amazed I Wake Up Everyday!  See, I was Run Over By A Gentleman That Was On Heroin, & “Nodded/Overdosed” & I'm Also Happy He Lived That Day Too! I Do Not Condone Using Drugs Illegally, But If Your Life Lead You There Please Stay Home & Don’t Forever Change The Lives Of Others.

I Have Had Some Really Bad Stuff Happen In My Life. Grandfather Molested Me/ Had The Fear My Ex-Marine, not right himself, Dad Would Get In The Car & Drive 9 Hours like it was miles, and wipe Him Out.  I always juggled “why did I say anything" and maybe “it was all my fault”

PawPaw used to say "You’re Just Like You Momma”.... So You know From there- She suffered too. I had The WORST Relationship w/ Her In The World - WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU SEND ME DOWN THERE???

And Then My Rock My Father Died When I was 12 from A Massive Heart Attack (Quad Bipass & Just Lung Cancer To Top It Off.) At My Age Of 12 He was 48.

But I’m messed up, sure, but what I’m trying to say... We Need To Be Thankful No Matter What’s Up.... It Can Never Be THAT bad... Somewhere is Starving & Freezing where I am Right Now... 10s of thousands are miss-using heroin & fentanyl perhaps b/c nobody taught them any different.... 10s Of thousands Do it b/c they wanna die, or big friggin pharma Screwed Up.

BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY, EVERYTHING I MENTIONED IS A CHOICE. Except. I can’t walk. I used to have a Baaaadddd Asss Job making Pepsi, Nike Commercials (like the Michael Jordan ones) Space Jam movie, and PSAs, "this.” 🍳“This is your brains on drugs.” But I am unable. Somedays IDK how to get home from 3 blocks Away. But that’s cool.               


Please Please Help Someone In Need Today. Sometimes they can’t get in the “system“ b/c they can’t get a state ID. Because they have no birth certificate. Can’t get a discount bus pass to AA or the Doc. Can’t get an Obama Phone... just down in the flippin dumps-WOULD YOU GIVE UP? I WOULD... lots people were never taught to read. BUT Ya Know What- I WOKE UP TODAY! After Getting Run Over & Rolled Over Again.... life is OK right now (not stellar like it used to be-But was that a more “stellar life” cuz I made duckets💸 🤑🔫 rather than even bothering to look/let alone saying “hello” To helping ppl?!

I Think You Can Fill Someone’s Soul By Just Saying “Hey What’s Up?” AS YOU HOLD The door open FOR Them. Or Giving The First Shopping Cart-that’s working (lol) 

Say Hello To The Checker By Looking At Her Name tag & Look Here In The Eye! Let The Woman With Just 10 Items // Or Whatever Go Before You. No Bagger, Pack It!  If You (Are In A Hurry To Shop- Should Be Out) Thats My Diatribe... Cuz I Gotta Go To Bed & See If I Wake Up Tomorrow !!! 
Much Love!    🤗✌🏼🤟🏼💝 Trish

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