A Thanksgiving We Will Never Forget


A Thanksgiving We Will Never Forget

By Nick G

Today was a challenging day as it was significant reduction in family gathering from prior years. My son, girlfriend and I partook in a meal that was donated through the St. Vincent De Paul because we couldn't afford one this year. So, as we were getting ready to pick up our cold, precooked dinner from a local grocery store, we suddenly lost some of our power. Reluctantly, I called the onsite apartment Manager who also seemed to be having some family trouble himself.

His ex-wife was withholding a visit with their young child out of spite. This made our request more bothersome and felt intrusive but to out avail, he came offering assistance. Due to the Holiday and not being deemed an emergency, he wasn't able to quantify it as an emergency. He then took us by surprise when he offered to assist us beyond our expectations when he opened his home so that we may use his oven/stove to prepare our meal.

Here in his despair, he set aside his feelings and needs and put ours first. Well, we were beyond grateful as my girlfriend shed tears on my shoulder. My sister texted from another state also expressing her health troubles, and my mom was saddened due to some animosity between my father and I. So this goes without saying, a dark cloud loomed over a few households on this day of Thanks.

We made our way to the store with our heads hung a little low, as we were bashful about using our Managers home for our needs. I parked in the handicapped parking, hobbled in by cane with my family beside me and we picked up our kind donation. 

Finally, we made it to our complex and quietly shuffled our items into our home. Now I don't know if it was the silent prayer I made or just pure happenstance but shortly after we got settled in, our power came back on!! We all were truly awestruck by this.

Although we were determined no matter what to take it upon ourselves to begin turning this Holiday around, we were blessed to be given this change of luck. It was the morale boost we needed. As a result, we sat down to a nice hot dinner, together as one, in our cozy little home. We might have had some bumps, and were discouraged from having no family to share it with us, we had much to be thankful for. After all we had each other and that was more than enough. This was a Thanksgiving we will never forget.

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