Scary Story: The Day The Veil Fell


Scary Story: The Day The Veil Fell

By Frankie Perrin Jr

The day started out like a typical Tuesday in October with weather and traffic reports chattering in the background of my commute to work while being lost in thought about the previous nights gaming session with my friends Dean and Roman. D&D has always been a pleasure for us, we have been playing the different versions of the game since we were teenagers in high school. Traffic was like most days stop and go in places but for the most part smooth sailing. Except for a small stretch of highway that had us at a stand still for about 10 minutes or so before finally passing the wreck, which saw two vehicles sandwiched together and from the looks of it the SUV in the back had been moving much faster than the car in front and the two vehicles were fused together with steam and fluids pouring out of the second vehicle. The driver of the car of the blue sedan was visibly shaken and moving the airbag out of his face, but looked ok. The SUV, however, was a completely different story. The drivers door was missing and the windshield was shattered. The door looked like it had been torn off and was nowhere in sight.  The driver of the SUV was slumped over the steering wheel, missing their left arm just above the elbow and jaggedly torn off. and the interior was soaked in blood and a some blood had began to pool outside the SUV on the ground.  The sound of sirens could be heard in the distance and heading towards the crash site. 

I thought to myself, “Holy shit! That’s one nasty wreck. I wonder where the hell the drivers door is?” And my thought began to run wild with scenarios as to what exactly could have caused such a horrific crash and that poor person that had been driving the SUV. 

Just then the on-air traffic personality broke my train of thought and back to reality with an update about the wreck, “One dead and another injured. Cause of accident unknown with an investigation underway. Drive safely out there folks the highways are busy with traffic....” 

“No shit”, I say as I reach over to the stereo and click over to my music saved to my phone and some heavy metal blares through the speakers. I reach down grab my energy drink and take the final gulp in the bottom of the can. And I push the can back into its holder and grab my vape mod, an e-cigarette device, and take a couple long deep pulls from it and enjoy the baked apple pie flavor of the e-liquid in the tank. I pull into my offices parking lot and find a parking space near Dean and Roman who are waiting on me to pull in. 

“What took you so long, brother?” Dean said standing there impatiently waiting leaning against his car sipping on a cup of coffee from some national coffee shop. Dean is about 165 pounds with a decent build, strong but not super athletic. He is dressed in his usual garb, dark colored khakis with a short sleeve white button up with a tie very loose around his neck just so he doesn’t get any flack for not wearing one. His hair short dirty blonde, disheveled and lacking a comb but that is Dean for you. 

“There was this sick car wreak on the 101 on the drive in, it was brutal as hell. Someone had lost their door and their arm! Poor bastard," I responded. 

“I heard about that on the radio, the cops still can’t locate the door and there is a blood trail that started before the wreak. What the hell is this world coming to?” Dean said with apprehension in his voice. 

“Yeah this world is going bat-shit. That dungeon last night was a blast Seth, I can’t wait to dive back into it this weekend.” Roman said while adjusting his ponytail. Roman is 5’9 and about 180 pounds, a former football player so he has a solid muscular frame, long curly brown hair with a matching goatee and his left arm is sleeved with tattoos. He is dressed very similar to our brother Dean but a little less sloppy with his tie almost in place. 

Just then, what sounded like three or four gunshots rang off in the distance, and all three of us snapped our head in the direction of the gun fire. But with an automotive repair shop a few blocks over car engines back firing and gunshots sound very similar. I hear the door to the office building come bursting open and it’s Sophie, a coworker who is in her late 20’s with red hair and also plays D&D with us. 

“Seth, Dean & Roman, there you guys are you guys are about to be late, you guys don’t want another tardy do you?”, Sophie said. 

Where is my manners my name is Seth and I am 34 years old and my brothers and I work for a call center helping with customer service/ tech support for a communications company. I am around 135 pounds with shoulder length blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail most of the time with chin strip goatee and both arms sleeved with tattoos. I’m wearing a short sleeve button up shirt with a loose green tie around my neck and black cargo pants. October in Arizona is still rather hot during the day, so trying to wear the lightest attire you can is always the best. I take a couple more pulls from my vape mod before running into the building to clock in on time. 

“Hey guys, remind me at lunch to show you guys the swords they finally came in and I can’t wait to give you guys yours!”, Dean mentioned excitedly. 

“Sweet brother! I can’t wait to see them. Lunch can’t come soon enough!” I respond quickly. 

Roman agreed with my statement and nodding enthusiastically. I clocked in, grabbed a bottle of water and passed my manager Mr. McGregor, standing there all smug and grumbling at me as I was heading to my desk. McGregor was wearing dress slacks, a blue button up long sleeve shirt with a green silk three button vest and matching tie. He is a bit over 6 foot tall, semi athletic and a bald head. 

“Keep showing up late Seth and you will find yourself on the unemployment line. Get to work slacker!”, McGregor barked. 

“Hey McGregor, you ain’t got jack on me.  I’m here and clocked in on time. What did someone piss in your Cheerios this morning?” I sarcastically respond. 

“No but close someone or something clawed the shit out of my car last night, like torn the through the side of my car and mutilated my driver side tires as well. I ended up having to take a cab into work, which was not cheap,” McGregor said disgustedly. 

I responded, “Whoa that sucks, do you have any leads as to what could have caused it?”

“No my security cameras conveniently glitches out just before it happened and then conveniently started working again after the vandalism was done.” McGregor replied. 

“I hope you figure out what happened to your ride, I have to get to my desk and answer some calls.” I said as I started walking towards my desk. Thinking to myself that the whole situation sounds like something out of one of our D&D campaigns. I get to my desk put my headset on and take some calls and help some people with tech issues. Lunchtime rolls around and I wait in the break room for Roman and Dean to get done. Roman walks into the break room first and I offer up my fist for a fist bump and Roman returns the gesture and I say, “How’s the morning been brother?”

Roman responds, “Ok I guess I had a couple crazy ass calls people are overly agitated today, one woman was screaming obscenities at me because she didn’t like the fact that she had to type in a website she wanted to go to. She felt that the phone should just know where she wanted to go and just take her to the site. Another call was weird I was helping a lady with her tablet and after about 15 minutes or so, she asked me to hold on a second. I could hear the lady start to say something and the line went to staticy and then went dead. I tried to call her back but the phone went straight to voicemail. That call gave me the creeps.”

Dean stuck his head in the door and asked, “You pussies ready to go see our swords?”

Roman and I both nod our heads and follow Dean out to his beat up mid 70’s Dodge Challenger that was suppose to be black but the sun had long since bleached the paint in spots up and down the car not to mention the dings and dents all over his car from random items impacting the car and the occasional accident.

Dean opens the trunk moves a wool blanket and says, “Check these out guys!” Revealing three beautifully crafted swords all in their respective scabbards. “Here Roman” and Roman was handed a two-handed bastard sword with an intricate leather covered handle and scabbard with Norse runes and Nordic compass on them. “Seth”, Dean says and hands me a Damascus steel katana that was hand forged in Japan by an authentic samurai sword smith. The handle has a hand braided cloth grip and matching scabbard. “And this bad boy is mine” Dean adds and shows us his Viking dual edged battle axe with Celtic knotting on the head of the axe and wrapping down around the long wooden handle. 

Both Roman and myself are left speechless at the weapons, “What do we owe for these, brother?”, we say in unison. 

Dean replies, “Awe shit guys, you don’t owe me a damn thing, call it an early Yule gift. It came out of my inheritance that my grandparents left me and as you know they left me a mountain of cash. I have some other stuff to show you if you guys want to stop by after work. I picked up some other goodies.”

Just about that time there was a massive crash just around the corner of the office on the street that runs adjacent to us. We book it over there to see a massive winged creature leap into the air and take flight off of a car it had just destroyed. The car was demolished from the impact and started to catch fire. It headed away from us and I see Dean and Roman standing there with there mouths gapping open. I stammer out, “Wh.. What what the fuck was that?”

“Ummmm looked like a demon to me.”, Dean responded nervously. 

Roman kinda nodded and said, “We need to get back inside, now!”

We book it back to Dean’s car and close his trunk, and head back inside weapons in hand. On the way in we ran into Sophie, “Stay close, Soph. Shit’s getting real weird!”, I say. 

“What’s going on guys and what’s with the weapons?”, Sophie asked. 

“We just saw what looked like demon. Seven foot tall with wingspan of fifteen feet at least.”, Dean said. 

“What?” Is all Sophie could mutter looking confused. 

“No bullshit, Soph. It destroyed a car on the side of the road right around the corner from the parking lot.” Roman said. 

“Let’s check out the TV in the break room, there has got to be something about it on there.” I say hastily heading into the into the break room. 

“Is this some kind of Halloween prank?” McGregor mumbled, “This can’t be real!” Looking at the news on the break room TV. 

“Again breaking news, we are getting reports of killings and violence all over the metro Phoenix area. Also a couple absurd claims of seeing ‘demons’, mythical winged demonic creatures, seen in a couple areas across the city. We currently have no physical proof of any winged creatures being spotted anywhere in Phoenix. If you have to venture out into the city be careful and only go out if you have to....” the news reporter said. 

“It’s very much real McGregor, we just saw one of those demons destroy a vehicle right outside the office. Maybe that’s what mangled your car too McGregor.” I say. 

McGregor looks over at us, brushing off what I just said and says, “You guys should get back to work. What’s with the weapons you know they are not allowed...”

“Shut it pinhead! After what we just saw out there, we aren’t going anywhere without these!” Dean says lifting his battle axe. Dean continues, “And if you think we are going to back to work after that you can kiss my ass!”

“Come on Soph, we need to figure a couple things out. Meet at my desk in ten minutes!” I said sternly heading directly to my desk. My nerves being on edge, I pull my vape mod from pocket and take a few pulls off of it creating some very dense clouds. At this point I don’t really care if McGregor has anything to say about it or not. The vape helps take the edge off of the situation and clears my thoughts. I check my cell phone and find a few text messages from my girlfriend, Luna, and my sister Amy. Both of them concerned about me, wanting to make sure I’m ok. Luna is also a member of our gaming group, she 5’2” athletic build about 115 pounds with red wavy hair and emerald green eyes. 

I call Luna and she answers, “Thank Odin you are okay! I was seriously worried after seeing the news and the videos online of those demons and people attacking and eating them to boot!”

“What? Give me a second let me look this up?” I say as I pull up the net on my work computer. “What the hell is going on? This shit is crazy!” I take another couple pulls off of my vape and continue my conversation with Luna, “Get the guns together that we have at the apartment and all the ammo, all my vape juice and charger for my vape and pack a couple bags of clothes for us, I will be texting you with where we are going. Most likely Deans but I want to be sure before having you go there. Is your Jeep in the garage?”

“It is baby.” She responds. 

“Good, load up the bags and anything else you think we will need in the Jeep . Keep the 40 cal. out and in the front seat with you. Just as a precaution pre load all of the magazines that we have for at least the 40 cal with those hollow points I picked up a couple weeks ago, you can never be too safe. Don’t stop for anything or anyone. I just got my sword from Dean and I have the .44 in my glove box as well. I love you baby. Be safe and I will get you those directions as soon as I have the info.” I say and end the call. 

Just as I finish the call the group meets at my desk and before anyone can say anything I say, “Check out this craziness! We need to be careful guys.” I play a video of another demon siting posted to an online news site, followed up by a video of a person going cannibalistic on someone and then turning their attention to the person recording and the video cuts out midway as they get attacked by the attacker and the sounds they were making sounded very demonic. 

Sophie gasps and clutches Roman as he wraps one of his big arms around her and squeezes her tightly. Dean just starts shaking his head in a I saw this coming mannerism. If you haven’t got the impression yet Dean is a bit of a doomsday prepper. And when I say a bit I mean those people on that show don’t have shit on Dean. His house is a compound outfitted with generators and solar panels and batteries that could run a city block for a couple months without an issue and still be good. He hasn’t divulged the entire structural layout to me but his “house” is pretty much impenetrable and he has enough rations to last 10-15 years and that’s feeding a team of 20 3 square meals a day. Water rations and filters that could last him the rest of his life. 

Dean looks over and says, “I already called Ali and told her to get to the compound and mom is already there getting extra beds set up for all of you and your immediate families. Roman call your sister and have her bring the kids over give her the gate code 37551. That will get them in mom will be expecting them. Same with Seth give Luna and Amy the code as well. We are going to ride this shit out. And Odin help anyone or anything that gets in the way!”

“I’m on it brother.” Roman responds and looks at Sophie. “Do you have any clothes in your car?”

Sophie replies, “I don’t go anywhere without my bug out bag! I’m good babe.”

“I already spoke to Luna Dean just before you got here she is loading up her Jeep as we speak right now, I just need to text her the code to get in.” I respond. “I am calling Amy now.”

I grab my phone off of my desk and call Amy. Before she can say anything, “Amy pack a bag or two of clothes for you and Daisy, grab the 9 millimeter I have you last year for your birthday and all the ammo you have for it and carefully head to Deans. The gate code is 37551 his mom is expecting you both, we are going to ride this out together.”

“Ok Seth. I already started packing some clothes for us when I noticed those reports coming in about demons being seen. Dean was right!” Amy said. 

All of a sudden a deafening scream erupted from the other side of the office and a desk flips up in the air and another shriek comes bellowing out from over there. “What the....” and then liquid gurgling and then a ripping sound fills the room. 

“What was that?” Amy asks. 

“I am not sure I have to go.” I say staring off to the other side of the office. 

Amy responds, “Ok see you soon brother be caref...”

I drop the phone the moment I see shards of cloth and then a part of an arm get chucked into the air. I pull my sword out of its scabbard and approach with caution. I then realize I am not alone as Dean and Roman are not to far behind me. 

“Did you really think we’d let you go and have all the fun alone?” Roman jokes. 

I shrug my shoulders and we walk up and see what is causing all the commotion is one of our co-workers has begun ripping another co-worker of ours to pieces and is feasting on the body and blood is everywhere. 

“Oh that’s just disgusting Judith, why are you eating Lisa? What did she ever do to you?” Dean pops off. 

Judith snarls and growls at us and starts to lunge at us incredibly fast and we only have time to dodge out of the way. 

“Damn she’s fast” Roman says as she crashes into a cubicle and causes a few of the to topple over. 

“For someone who used to have to use a cane she is moving with lightning speed.” I chime in. “We need to end this before it gets out of hand.”

Dean sneaks off behind a cubicle wall just out of Judith’s sight, prepares for his attack and motions, “Seth, draw her attention and we will get her from the side.”

“Hey Judith.” I say as she starts to get up. “Hey Judith I’m your next snack come and get it!” I say.

She focuses her attention on me and lunges at me and just as she clears the edge of the cubicle wall, Dean swings and catches her around the waist and cleaves her nearly in half. Roman follows suit and brings his sword down from the heavens with a mighty swing and removes her head from her shoulders. For the next four or five minutes her body continues to twitch and make weird sounds that a dead person should not make. Dean places his foot on her upper back and uses her as leverage to help him dislodge the axe from her back with a sickening crunch. 

“Got ya....” Dean said calmly. 

He wiped the head of the axe off on Judith’s shirt. We started moving back towards my to grab my phone and my vape mod and McGregor was standing there shaking trying to mutter something but nothing came out of his gapping mouth. His shocked look quickly melts away to a look of horror. Lisa who had been laying on the floor, torn to pieces missing an arm and part of her face, started to spasm and make a groan sound. With a couple of sick pops and bones snapping, Lisa climbs to her feet and starts to head for me. Without thinking I make one quick spinning motion with my katana, I slice Lisa’s head off of her shoulders. The body drops away, the head hits the floor and rolls on the roll in the middle of the three of us. Dean, Roman and I stare at the head for a moment before I pierce the temple of Lisa’s head with the tip of the sword and stopping the heads movement. Just to be safe, Roman does the same to Judith’s head. 

“Zombies? Zombies? Are you kidding me? What next werewolves?” Dean shouts excitedly. 

“Let’s not tempt fate, my brother. I need to text Luna and we need to get on the road!” I respond. 

Roman rushes back to Sophie. “Are you ok baby?” Roman asks Sophie. 

She nods her head and hugs Roman again. I put my sword back in its scabbard and place it on my desk. I grab my phone and vape mod. I text Luna the gate code and she responds almost instantly and says she’s on her way. I lock my phone put it in my pocket and hit my vape mod a few times as I grab my sword. I just realized the entire office had cleared out but Dean, Roman, Sophie, McGregor and myself. Looking around the office McGregor is still standing in the same place staring at the two bodies mumbling. We walk over to him and I say, “McGregor! McGregor! Hey dude you need to snap out of it!”

Dean laughs and adds, “Look he pissed himself!”

I look around the massacre and see Lisa’s purse and say, “Please forgive me.” Find her car keys. I look back at McGregor and shout, “Hey McGregor! You need to get out of here!”

McGregor shakes his head and stammers, “Huuuhhh, What? Oh my god that was disgusting!” And then wretches and throws up everything in his stomach. 

I toss him the keys and say, “Take Lisa’s car and go somewhere safe, the world is going to shit and quick!”

He catches the keys and heads towards the door only to stop at his office. The rest of us head to our vehicles and all make haste to Dean’s house. The city was in chaos, they were littered with accidents, mutilated bodies and zombies roaming everywhere. On the way to Dean’s we were driving in a military convoy style with Roman leading in his black Chevy Suburban, followed by Dean in his Challenger, Sophie in her blue Dodge Durango and me pulling up the rear in my green Jeep Wrangler. At first I drove in silence collecting my thoughts, driving has always been a chance for me to clear my head and get things into focus for me. After a few minutes of driving quietly I figured it would be good idea to try to figure out the state of things around us. I flip on the local new station for the Phoenix metro area. 

“Again reports of violence in the metro area is at an all-time high, we have reports of over a one hundred deaths, a handful of police shooting deaths, dozens of reports of cannibalistic attacks and 2 confirmed officer deaths. The highways are at a stand still, avoid the highways at all costs. Police have order everyone to stay indoors unless it is an emergency do not go anywhere the natio....” the radio station went to static. 

I grab my phone and call Roman, Dean and Sophie on a conference call and filled them in on what I had heard on the radio. “If you know a short cut to get to Dean’s, Roman you might want to take it brother. We need to stay off the main roads as much as possible.” I say. 

“I know a path, brother. We are good.” Roman replies. 

“Sounds good, I need to call Luna to let her know the details. Talk to you guys in a few minutes.” I respond. I end the conference call and try to dial Luna but it goes to voicemail and I leave a message, “Hey baby, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the highways are at a standstill and there is violence everywhere. Please stay off the highways and be safe. I will try you back in a minute or two. I love you very much beautiful.”

I try calling a few more times without any success at getting her to answer. During the drive we have to swerve around cars and bodies. On the side of the street I spot zombie ripping into the flesh of some poor sap that failed to get away from it. We continued on with our voyage to Dean’s, when we were crossing through an intersection of two side streets when a zombie running full speed smashed into my back passenger side door and hit me so hard it lifted my Jeep onto two wheels and crushed the door and smashed the window as well. Startled I almost lost control of the Jeep swerving a bit but maintained control and kept moving. Just then my phone rang. 

“You alright back there brother?” Dean asked. 

“I’m ok just had a zombie run into me full speed and smashed the back passenger door and shatter my window but I am ok. Thanks for asking.” I replied. 

“We are almost there another five to ten minutes and we will be safe!” Dean said. 

“Sounds good Dean. A good meal sounds good right now!” I respond. 

“Keep it moving and be safe.” Dean says and ends the call. 

I put the phone in the console and grab my vape mod and take a few hits off of it and switch my radio over to the music stored on my phone and start listening to some Disturbed to help make the drive a little more enjoyable. The rest of the drive took us about 20 minutes because we had to take a couple alleyways to avoid accidents and street congestion. There were a few streets blocked off with police cars but no one left alive just zombies feasting on corpses. As I was exiting out of an alley a demon came crashing down from the sky to destroy a dumpster right next to me and then bolted towards me but I was able to swerve out of the way and caused the demon to crash through a building which was made of brick. 

As we pulled away in the distance the demon could be seen in my rear view mirror busting out of the ceiling of the building and heading in my direction but the demon rose to high and collided with a plane and caused the plane to explode raining debris down over the street and buildings and caused the earth to rumble. We pull up to Dean’s house, but it’s really more like a complex that sits in about ten acres of land, fifteen foot high concrete walls with razor wire running along the top of the wall. A ten foot high solid steel door with state of the art alarm system with gate code keypad and security cameras. Once inside Dean has a pack of wolf hybrid dogs that have an enormous pen that encompasses about 3 acres with a cave like system that the wolves live in and use as their den, and with a single push of a button can allow the pack to roam the grounds. 

Dean also has a personal dog that is a bit more husky than wolf and is allowed to roam freely wherever he chooses, who’s is name Koda. As we pull up the driveway I see Ali and Amy’s cars but no sign of Luna’s car. I am a little more than freaked out at this point, I grab my phone and call Luna again and it goes straight to voicemail, I call a second and third time same result. I get out of my Jeep and Koda comes running up to great me as he did the rest of the party. I love on him for a moment and then holler up to the group, “I can’t reach Luna, I have tried multiple times and now her phone is going straight to voicemail. I’m not sure what to do, part of me wants to go look for her but I don’t know where she would be.”

“Try to calm down, brother. Think about how long it took us to get from the office to here. It’s normally a fifteen minute drive and it took us forty-five minutes to get here because all of the chaos.” Roman said reassuringly. 

“You’re right brother, just wish I could reach her on the phone. That would put my mind at ease.” I reply. 

BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!!! Something smashed into the solid steel gate so hard it shook the door. Then followed by methodical banging on the door and groaning. 

Dean’s mom, Joan came out the front door, “Zombies at the front gate, three of them total!”

“If these zombies are anything like the zombies from movies the banging they are making on the gate and attract more of them. We should probably deal with them before we have a horde of them out there banging on the gate causing the gate to be blocked and impassable.” I say with urgency in my voice. 

“He’s right guys, we need to deal with this!” Sophie says pulling a machete from her passenger seat. 

Dean responds, “Fine! Mom open the gate on my signal!” 

We approach the gate and take up positions on the sides of the gate and Dean looks back at his mom and points to her and nods his head. The gate slow opens with low guttural moan and creaks open. The three zombies start to stagger in and Dean is able to drop the first before being seen. 

“Got ya!” Dean says enthusiastically. 

I chuckle and move into position for the next zombie that comes through the open gate and plant my feet to swipe at the zombies head when I hear, “Watch out Seth!” Roman shouts at me. 

I turn just in time to see an extra zombie bull rushing me, I have just enough time to fall back, plant a boot in his gut and monkey flip it over me. As it hits the ground Sophie is right there to split its head with her machete. 

“I got your back Seth!” Sophie says energetically. 

“Thanks, that was close!” I respond and get up off the ground. Roman steps forward and hacks t the zombie and cleaves the zombies head into and also into its shoulder and removes the creatures arm too. The body drops the ground instantly with thud. I see the last zombie and I take a step forward and swipe at the zombies head and make contact but my sword gets stuck in the zombies head. Luckily I had pierced the skull enough to hit the brain and stop the creature in its tracks. I dislodge my katana from its head and begin to create a pile of the bodies off of the driveway path so there aren’t any obstacles in the way for vehicles to come and go. Dean motions back to his mom to close the gate and it groans back to life and slides shut. 

“What are we going to do with the bodies?” I ask. 

“I’m not sure yet. We’ll figure it out, just leave them there for now.” Dean responds back. 

The sun is starting to set and the city noises are starting to become nosies straight out of a cheap horror movie. The normal hustle and bustle has gone quite and all that can be heard is the occasional gun fire and screams but mostly moans and groans. I try Luna again and this time the call doesn’t go through, I look at my signal and it’s displaying no service. 

Dean motions for everyone to go up to the house and when we get there and step inside and Dean says, “We need to be careful those creatures can be deadly if they catch you by yourself or if it’s a group of them.”

“I can’t wait any longer, I have to go look for Luna. She should have been here by now.” I say. 

"I understand brother, I am coming with you!” Roman says giving Sophie a kiss. “I’ll be back baby.”

Roman and I step outside and head towards my Jeep when we hear tires squealing and then five or six gunshots. Then the rev of an engine and Boom! from the gate as something smashed against the gate hard. The gate then makes a grinding noise and starts to open. As the gate opens I see Luna’s Jeep cream through the opening covered in blood and zombie body parts. There was also half of an entire zombie stuck to the grill guard on the front end of the Jeep. The body had definitely seen better days as there was scuff marks and dents all of the Jeep but Luna is ok. As she is pulling in there are a few zombies follow her in.  Five zombies in total and they are rushing towards us. 

“Oh shit Roman this is going to be fun. Be careful brother!” I say. 

“I’m good Seth! I got your six.” Roman responds. 

As we begin to prepare for the zombies rushing us Luna steps out of the car and fires two shots hitting two zombies each in the head and dropping them. From behind Roman and I, we hear a light concussion sound from a silenced rifle that dropped a third zombie fired by Joan as Dean and Sophie come off the porch to join us. The four of us dispatch the two remaining zombies with ease and after small combat Luna and I hug and embrace in a long kiss that leaves everyone else wooing. 

“Get a room you too!” Dean hollers. 

“We are working on it!” Luna responds. 

Everyone laughs and we start to unload the Jeep. We get three of the four bags out of the Jeep when an extremely loud screech breaks the silence. I look around and I see a from that looks scorched with holes in its wings and it’s missing a horn with a few open wounds. “What the hell!...” I say and just then it starts to dive bombs the Jeep and three more demons join it in the sky and head our direction as well. 

“Incoming demons!” I scream and push Luna out of the way just as the demon makes impact with the vehicle. The force of the impact throws me a good five to ten feet. As I am getting up on my feet I feel the ground rumble two more times as other demons are landing inside the compound. I hear gun shots and grunts from my friends as they are fighting with the demons. The demon that impacted the Jeep is sizing up Luna and is preparing to pounce on her when I run towards him, push off a piece of the Jeep and throw all of my weight into the demon to cause him to turn his attention to me. 

“Luna get inside now!” I yell. 

Luna responds, “Not without you, baby!” And she grabs the .40 cal and starts dumping rounds into the demon but it doesn’t seem to phase him. 

I rip open one of the duffle bags to find my trusty .12 gauge shotgun and empty six shots into his face which split its face open and it stops moving. I see Dean fighting with one of the remaking demons and he is getting tossed around but that is not slowing Dean down. He swings his axe and removes its right wing with one blow. Another blow removes the left arm of the same demon. Roman and Sophie are fighting another demon. Sophie gets swatted in one direction towards Luna and Roman gets thrown in the opposite direction. Luna runs up to check on Sophie and the demon lunges at Luna and throws her into the air. I start to run towards Luna and I see a bright white flash and.......


  • Posted on by Shoshan W

    Epic story! I love hints towards The Sheild! Definitely my favorite tag team in Wwe! And I agree with Freyja! You need to continue the story! Your are leaving us hanging here…. you should really make this into a full length book!
    May spooks and ghouls be with you this Halloween 👻🎃

  • Posted on by Freyja Perrin

    I love this story! There has to be more it can’t just end like that!!!! I’m dieing!

  • Posted on by Frankie Perrin Jr.

    Thanks for the compliment

  • Posted on by Jonathan

    Very entertaining read!

  • Posted on by Chris


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