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Scary Story: The Curse of Reverse Polarity

Karina White | October 19 2018

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Scary Story: The Curse of Reverse Polarity

By Lacey Zerubik


She usually didn’t vape this late.

Why was she awake? She couldn’t help the feeling. She needed to taste her blue raspberry juice. It was almost vampire like, this craving of hers, and it had to be satiated. She pressed her feet on her cold wood floor and lifted herself upright sending a creek through the room. She walked to her dresser where her least favorite mod, a single battery squonk, for some reason seemed to draw her in.

She picked it up. It was cold from being near the slightly open window, which let in a chill and a whistling howl as the wind blew, it clattered some Halloween decorations against her house too.

She pressed the fire button six times to turn it on. Nothing. Six more times. Nothing.

She opened the battery door. The battery was in reverse. After a quick flip she shut the door. Her craving intensified. So much so, that she didn’t hear a subtle thump come from under her bed.

She hit the fire button six more times and a message flashed across the screen. “Low Battery”

Her stomach dropped as her craving grew more un-ignorable. Thankfully she was a smart vaper and always had spares charging on her charging dock. She tossed the old one to the side and popped in a new one.

Six clicks. Nothing. Six clicks. Nothing. Six clicks. Nothing. She opened the battery door.


It was gone.

Too overtaken by her need for her blue raspberry juice she ignored the mystery.

Hands shaking she threw in another. This time being sure it was in correctly. Six clicks. Nothing. Six clicks. Nothing. Sick clicks. Nothing.

She opened the battery door. There was no battery.

She repeated this process again and again, each time her hands shook more feverishly, and each time she got more and more frustrated as her vampirific thirst grew. She even let out a scream when for the fifth time she did this process the battery had vanished once again.

She reached for her final battery. Six clicks. Nothing. Six clicks. Nothing. Sick clicks.


The screen lit up with the bright display colors she was used to. Her shaking fingers squeezed the soft silicon of the squonk bottle a few times, and then immediately she took a long and deep draw.

She felt nothing.

She exhaled.

Nothing came from her lips.

But... billows of vape clouds came from beneath her bed like evening fog. It smelled like blue raspberry juice.

She knelt down on the cold wood floor and sent creeks through the room. She crawled forward. Her squonk still in hand.

She lifted the blanket and saw staring back at her in the darkness, evil glowing eyes that belonged to a monstrous sextuple battery powered mod, still spewing clouds!

Scared out of her tiny female brain she did what any vaper would do and took another inhale from her vape. As she did, the vape clouds instantly dissipated and she inhaled the deepest hit she ever could in an attempt to out vape him and send him away with the power of her clouds.

On the face of his screen just below his frightening eyes, a smile grew accepting her challenge and doubting her abilities.

One last deep inhale. And she blew her biggest cloud ever. Instantly, his smile grew open and sucked in her cloud. As it escaped her mouth so did a long scream.

When all the vape had left her body she fell to the floor. Her tank cracked and her battery door flew open.

The battery rolled out. The monstrous mod sucked up the battery. Making him more powerful. He laughed. And vanished. He appeared under the bed of his next victim who had just awoken.

He usually didn’t vape this late.

Next time you have a late night vape craving be sure to check your batteries. If it is mysteriously in backwards you could be the next victim of the reverse polarity demon mod.

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  • Sara : November 08, 2018

    Oh my I love it!!!

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