Your Horoscope Today Will Reveal What Vape Juice You Should Try


Your Horoscope Today Will Reveal What Vape Juice You Should Try

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Today, things may seem shaken up at home or work. There is a lot going on. It might not be clear where all this commotion will head. This doesn't sit well with you, Aires. Now is the time to use your organizational skills and your strict discipline. Exercise focus and restraint today and by nightfall you'll feel at ease, relaxed, and maybe even ready to indulge or have a bit of fun. You need something to take the edge off, and something that's a simple ADV to keep you occupied and satisfied as you work through these tribulations.

You need...vape juice

Hijuku Vape Juice - Tropic. A simple yet refreshing juice that's not over powering, and always pleasant. 



Work is tough, we know. But things in the hierarchy of your business could be shifting. You could see people that you see as "being in power" stepping down, or allowing you to step it up. Be patient and use good judgement today. You needn't fear for your job security even if you and your co-workers are fretting. You need a juice to take your mind off things.

You need...

taruto vape juice

Taruto by Yami Vapor. An indulgent vanilla custard treat reminiscent of a Japanese egg-tart. Like vaping on clouds of sweet dessert delights.



Love is in the air for you, Gemini. Instant attraction is going to be strong today. You'll remember this day for a long time. Whether its romantic passion or a the excitement of the start to a new adventure, this person will leave you with a rush of creative freedom and artistic passion. We suggest you take a creative leap of faith.

And with that, you should try...

vape juice

Kilo White Series - White Chocolate Starwberry. A romantic classic with swirls of creamy white chocolate and succulent ripe strawberries. 



If you feel like something is wrong, or there is an injustice about, speak up. Now is the time. Use your peacekeeping skills to settle silly rows that will soon escalate. When you do this, you will let your opinion be heard and validated. Respect will soon follow. Stick to your principles and remain focused and energized with...


Lemon Twist Strawberry Mason Lemonade. An invigorating yet refreshing balance of fresh strawberries floating in a sweet glass of lemonade. Justice is served.  



Your online perusing could cause you to have some new insight that awakens you. New discoveries in science, tech, or the occult could trigger a metamorphosis in your beliefs or interests. We suggest you meet up with some friends today, Leo and discuss what ever new ideas you have learned. They could fuel these passions in fun and exciting new ways.

What better juice to vape with friends than...

vape juice

Candy King Peachy Rings. Just like the sweet treats you used to share with your friends back in the day. If peach isn't your taste than we do suggest something sweet. Nothing is sweeter than new knowledge. 



Humor is a big part of your day today. Whether it's being laid back and letting the jokes roll with those around you, or maintaining a good sense of humor during a rough time. Either way, keep a smile on your face to make the best of the day. The following days are sure to be full of pleasant surprises when you keep this mentality.

And keep it as you vape on...

vape juice

Pineapple Express by Vapetasia. Life can always feel like a tropical vacation with this destination vape juice. Enjoy your get-away as you smile the day away.



You enjoy taking time to re-connect to the earth. Today is the day to do it. It just so happens to be National Wildlife Day. A perfect time of the year to be in nature. Which is what you are being called to do. Visual, natural beauty will give you the sense of peace and self-gratification you've been looking for. Take a walk outside, venture to the beach or local park. It will give you that introspection and self care you have been craving. Reconnect with your own roots when you refresh yourself outdoors.

And as you do so enjoy the taste of...

vape juice

Bear Graham Vape Juice Grizzly. A natural taste of golden honey graham crackers with strawberry jam.



You've had a lot on your plate. Today is the day to deal with it. It will be easier than you think. Take it slow. Call for help if you need to. You're in need of a spontaneous adventure, which will come, but not if you keep procrastinating on the things that need to be taken care of.

While you're working hard today, you'll need an exciting ADV...

vape juice

Air Factory Blue Razz. A sweet blue raspberry zest that's sure to invigorate you with each inhale.



Today is the day you have been waiting for. Your Karmic payback. All the energy you'v put out (and may have assume you wasted) will be flooding back to you. Things will go your way. Take advantage of this gifted positive energy and forge ahead, take risks if you must. The road a head is bright and wide. Troubles will seem to easily fade or disappear completely. Especially worries in your relationships.

Celebrate the day with...

vape juice

NKTR  Mango. A high quality juice that cannot be replicated, just like a good day. 



Don't be alarmed if you're feeling a bit indecisive at the moment. You have many opportunities coming you way, and perhaps it is overwhelming. But to avoid feeling flustered try to focus on what, or who, in your life is missing. Work on that piece in your life's puzzle and the picture on top will be rewarding. Share your hopes and dreams with others and they will show you hordes of support and a fresh positive outlook.

Take your time and slowly vape on...


Naked 100 Berry Lush. This creamy and fruity sensation will ease your mind and let you focus. We know you're indecisive, so we're making the choice easier for you. 



All that procrastination and cancellation is coming to an end in your social life. Relationships are shifting and the people in your life, and you as well, are beginning to prioritize these relationships over other frivolous or burdensome activities. Today is a good day to call someone, or pick u the phone when they ring, or respond to that text you've been avoiding. This will cause a positive domino effect  in your overall mental health.

Vape what will make you happy today, like...

today's horoscope

7 Daze Magnetic Dust. Sweet and magnetic, just like your personality!



You may be feeling the urge to just go with the flow. But there are things you need to stop and take a closer look at. Finishing things with a neat bow should be your focus today, and when you focus, it should be simple. There are new experiences waiting around the corner for you, they're just waiting for you to add the final touches on other things like, plans, projects,and commitments. Don't let this good energy go to waste. While you're doing this, vape on some...


vape juice

Space Jam Astro. A high VG juice so you can still keep your head in the clouds while working on your tasks for the day. Sweet mixed fruits like apples, strawberries, and pears are well balanced, just like how you're aiming for your life to be.


In a supernatural mood? Vape on the juice the stars have aligned for you in the Tarot Nano or the Tarot Mini!


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    Karina, how about a pic of you with the blogs you write? I enjoy the blog and suprised to see Space Jam recommend because I have wanted to try that for a long time.

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