Triple Red 360 Review, A New Juice From Twist E-Liquids


Triple Red 360 Review, A New Juice From Twist E-Liquids 

There’s a brand new E-Liquid from Twist, but how good is it? 

If you’ve never heard of Twist E-liquids I’d be very surprised. It’s been one of the best selling brands in the vaping world ever since it came out, winning multiple awards for their fantastic Lemon Twist flavor. 

Lately they’re on yet another path to greatness, this time they’re breaking the mold with their new 360 series. Interestingly, Twist E-Liquids has launched a line of E-Liquids that are available in MASSIVE 360mL packs. I’m not sure how much E-Liquid you guys go through, but that's pretty much a MONTH worth of Vape Juice in one package! 

Now with vape juice, size isn’t everything, so how good do these new 360 liquids taste? 

I have to say, I thought that Twist would never be able to outdo their own fantastic Lemon Twist flavor, but I was pleasantly surprised with how their 360 Liquids came out.

The flagship flavor is called Triple Red and it brings together a mouthwatering blend of juicy natural fruit flavors. I noticed strong notes of freshly sliced watermelon mixed with sweet strawberries, but underneath those sugary flavors there’s a hint of sour raspberry that really helps to balance out the flavor profile. 

If you’re looking for a great new all day vape, try Triple Red 360 from Twist E-Liquids.

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