The Top 5 Vape Juices to Pair with Coffee


The Top 5 Vape Juices to Pair with Coffee 

You wake up in the morning and there's only two things you want: coffee and a quick vape. 

If you're like me, you like to sit outside and enjoy the crisp air while you sip your cup of Joe and hit your vape. You bask in the silence of the new day and get ready to go to work. For many of us, it's a ritual; something to get us feeling like ourselves again. We don't know what will happen for the rest of the day, but as long as we have our coffee and our vape, we'll be OK. 

For all the coffee lovers out there, I've compiled a list of some truly delicious E-Juice flavors that pair perfectly with our favorite morning treat. There's something special about vaping and coffee, and these flavors are meant to help you enjoy your mornings even more. 



What flavor qualities pair well with coffee? 

When considering the bitter and strong taste of coffee, we have to ask ourselves: what is this missing? What flavors could make this taste even better, and what flavors would ruin it? 

There are many dessert flavors that we assume would pair well with coffee: muffin, donut, ice cream, but when we try them together we're disappointed by the discord of tastes. There's the coffee flavor and then there's the donut flavor, but the two don't get along that well. Then there are fruit flavors that seem like they would be suitable options (banana, blackberry) but they don't compliment our coffee the way we want. They're too sweet or too different. Inharmonious.

The right juice must be strong enough or light enough, bold enough or sweet enough, to take the taste of classic coffee and enhance it to offer a new level of pleasure. 



The Top 5 List 

#5: Tornad-o by VGOD


Layered fruity cereal with a milky aftertaste that's smooth and thickly satisfying. The first inhale of this E-Juice is a sweet treat; it's got a very exciting taste with a sugary profile that on its own is very delicious. But paired with coffee and woooo. So good. The bitter taste is offset by the sweet and fruity cereal, but you can still taste the strong Colombian aftertaste. The exhale is creamy and smooth, with a very milky flavor.

This is perfect if you want a little fruitiness with your coffee. And it's a breakfast flavor, so you know you've got the right blend. I'd recommend this one to everyone, it is absolutely delicious. 


#4: French Toast by Holy Cannoli 


There's nothing better than a sweet cinnamon blend to pair with your morning coffee. For the dessert breakfast vapes, I had a hard time narrowing it down to just one flavor, but after much deliberation, here it is. And by God, it is great. The flavor profile is homemade French toast doused in cinnamon and drizzles of sweet maple syrup, finished off with butter. And this vape juice is very loyal to its description. I can taste every flavor and as good as it is on its own, it is even better with a cup of Joe. 

The cinnamon compliments the bold taste of the coffee perfectly—it's exactly what you want. Just a bit of spice to accentuate that bitter flavor. MMM. The maple syrup has a sweet buzz to it that's rich and gives the coffee a tasty flavor. Butter for an added smoothness that adds to the profile similar to milk. Your left with a truly flavorful experience of richness, smoothness, sweetness, spice, and bitter taste that is absolutely indulgent.


#3: Banana Nuts by Pancake House


Sometimes instead of a fruity and sweet vape, you want something subtle and bold. I mean, if you're like me, that's why you like coffee. Because it tastes bitter and strong. Well this next E-Juice is Banana Nuts by Pancake House and it pairs so well with coffee it is scary. Banana is already a great addition to any coffee flavor (if you haven't eaten a banana in awhile, get over it and try it out). The subtle fruity flavor compliments the coffee in a way that is truly one-of-a-kind. No other flavor accentuates coffee like banana. It is heavenly. 

This flavor is rich molasses, warm butter, toasted pecans, and banana pancakes. For the profile to stand alone, this definitely appeals to me. A strong bold flavor with lots of deep tastes that is wonderful to enjoy. Vaping this E-Juice with coffee, however, is a special treat. The subtle banana and toasted pecans pairs with the aftertaste of the coffee to make a bold and basely sweet taste that's perfect. Then there's a little molasses for an added sweetness. You can taste the warm butter on the inhale because the flavor is so smooth. Definitely check this one out; it's one of my favorites. 


#2: No. 24 by Beard Vape Co. 


A vanilla malt made with whole milk and drizzled with real caramel. Supremely sweet and satisfying! This is a perfect flavor to pair with coffee because of it's vanilla base and caramel overtones. Vanilla and caramel are among the most popular flavored creamers and that is for a reason: vaping this juice with coffee leaves you with a bitter aftertaste complimented by very strong, sweet tastes that brings out the best of both flavors. The inhale is very delicious and swirled vanilla flavor with caramel makes the coffee flavor very intense. It is perfect. 

I'd recommend No. 24 to anyone who likes to drink coffee. It's a perfect all-day-vape, it's extremely popular, and it's even better for those of us who like a cup of Joe in the morning. 

If you like vanilla and caramel additions to your coffee, don't even bother with the creamer. This is even more delicious, and it's got less calories. 


#1: Almond Milk by Dairy King 


This one's the winner. Rich vanilla cream blended with roasted almond slivers and oh my God this one has to be the best. The coffee flavor blends so well with the rich vanilla cream, it's actually strengthened, so you get a taste of coffee that's powerful and delicious, unlike anything you've tasted before. The almonds add a nuttiness to the drink that increases the strong flavor, and the vanilla undertones offer a touch of smoothness. Vaping the juice and drinking the coffee together becomes a single, delicious experience.

So good. I cannot stop talking about this one. Who would've thought that a simple milk flavor would be the one to take home the gold? It's got a flavor that was made to be paired with coffee. Thick and delicious, creamy, bold and bitter-tasting combination. 

Try this one if nothing else. Delicious. 


Justin Troyer
Head of Content


  • Posted on by stephen yhelka

    try Pressed E-juice’s pineapple, orange & peach flavor – tastes like a fresh glass of juice w/your morning coffee, if that’s your kinda thing. i prefer Columbian coffee & this gets the job done, it’s very good

  • Posted on by Justin

    Love the comment, April. Thanks for the suggestions and real talk.

  • Posted on by April Heller

    Hoping to find something new, I found myself double checking the date on this list. #24 by beard vape takes salted caramel to another level by making the salt the main event, my lips actually feel chapped when vaping it and it destroys coils. Kind of a biggie to those of us who pay retail for them.. The only flavor with salted caramel I can use all day, including mornings that doesn’t kill coils within hours is Nancy’s New Nightmare. The salt is nuanced as it should be. It has so much more going on, and their caramel is sublime. Graham Slam is another one I’m surprised i didn’t see.. There is only one 2015/16 era juice i would expect to see, but Kings Crest isn’t carried by Eightvape so of course Don Juan(pecan pie) is absent from this list.. If Eightvape offered KC I’d never order from another site, the legendary status is well deserved. It was ahead of it’s time in the realm of clean, smooth liquid that was not nearly as common a few years ago. I’ve been vaping since 2012 and shopped Eightvape for years. I’m just stating an honest opinion, which is my only stake in this comment.

  • Posted on by Coffees & Vapes

    I love pairing juices with coffee. Vaping and coffee are my two favorite things.

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