Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum Twin Pack Candy King Review


Candy King Bubblegum Twin Pack Strawberry Watermelon

A mouthwatering mix of watermelon and strawberry flavor come together with classic pink bubblegum taste. If you enjoy the juicy taste of freshly sliced watermelon mixed with tart strawberry candy you’re going to love this juice. 


I’m a huge fan of the classic strawberry watermelon bubblegum mix so I was really excited to try this one. I can say with confidence, this might just be the best strawmelon bubblegum mix on the market right now! 

Is definitely a sweeter candy-style juice, but there's a nice hint of natural watermelon flavor that I picked up on. 


  • Posted on by PAM

    I actually enjoy this juice. Its the same as the SW they came out with before but whereas that was in a 100ml bottle this is the 2 twin packs.
    The flavor is spot on, actually. I have wasted a shitload of money on juices. I live in the sticks and there is only one vape store around that’s within a 50+ mile radius. They don’t have a substantial list of choices and even less now that the “vaping is killing people!” misinformed BS is sweeping through – even less. So I order online. Obviously flavors that sound great sometimes end up like junk when you actually try them. That has been my case.
    BUT….ON THIS ONE….nope it is exactly what it says it is. Lots of people love bubblegum and this is the epitome of that bomb SW gum we used to love as a kid (and some of us still love as adults). Not to say that this is geared towards kids in any way; it’s just a taste that is familiar, I’m sure, for lots of people.
    So yeah, if you’re looking for this particular flavor, this is the juice you want.
    As for the comment before mine; ANY juice gunks up coils after a while. THAT has to do with how much juice you keep in your tank (i.e., if you let it run on less than a half-tank for a long time), and also, how old the juice is. Yes sweeter juices are thicker and they can run a coil out quicker than others, that is true. But this juice, I have found, is one that lasts a good while on certain coils. (It’s also the coil you are using too.)

  • Posted on by Chad

    I’m not a fan of this juice. I like the first version candy king had that was the strawberry watermelon, without the bubblegum. The flavor is ok but it kills my coils quicker than other candy king juices. Two of my favorite candy king are lemon drops and hard apple.

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