Steep Vapors Peppermint Pretzel Pop Deez Review


Steep Vapors Peppermint Pretzel Pop Deez Review

You might remember steep vapors from their famous Pop Deez lineup, featuring some of the best popcorn flavors in all of vaping. Their original buttery popcorn flavors put them on the map with their incredibly realistic flavor profiles. Finally, people could enjoy the taste of popcorn without picking kernels out of their teeth!

Recently, Steep vapors came out with a few more flavors in their Pop Deez lineup, I managed to get my hands on a few so I could do reviews for you folk!

The first flavor I tried is their Peppermint Pretzel Pop Deez, a completely unique taste featuring strong notes of mint flavor without any menthol undertones. Hints of caramel covered popcorn balance out the juice and add a much-needed hint of sweetness to the otherwise peppermint flavor.

Steep Vapors Peppermint Pop Deez

December may be a few months away, but one puff of this delicious E-Liquid will put you in the Christmas spirit all the same. The rich smell of peppermint popcorn is sure to transport you to a comfy chair next to a crackling fireplace, with snowdrifts outside the window and happiness in the air.   

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