Space Jam Blue Raspberry (Particle Y) Salt Review


Space Jam Blue Raspberry (Particle Y) Salt Review

I have a problem with salt nic juices and I suspect some of you might feel the same way. It seems like the higher you go with the nicotine level the less flavor you’re able to get. I can name only a handful of Nic Salt vape juices that actually taste good to me, the rest just end up overpowered with nicotine harshness.

So I’m always happy to find a new Salt Nic E-Liquid to add to my list!

Space Jam Particle Y is a scrumptious taste of sweet blue raspberry candy mixed with hints of tart lemonade. On my first puff I was amazed at just how natural they managed to make the artificial blue razz candy taste, and when the lemonade kicked in I was in heaven! 

One taste of this sweet concoction will transport you to a warm summer day filled with the sound of seagulls at the pier, golden sunlight dancing across your sunglasses, and the smell of a salty ocean breeze. If you’re a fan of candy flavors I highly recommend checking out Particle Y from Space Jam. 


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