The Sound Of Revenge: Fire Up This Revenge Liquids Line


Why get even, when you can get revenge? From Hornco Liquids comes Revenge Vapes. The Sound of Revenge is no longer just a Chamillionaire album. Intense flavor for intense vapers. On their websiteRevenge Vapes says their line sets out to give consumers the bold flavors they feel they have not been able to find elsewhere. Thus, the name of the brand makes sense. I mean, how dare vape juice makers create e-liquids that are anything less but superior. Revenge Vapes says they are not going to take this anymore. Unacceptable. Well, I'm here to see just how committed to their mission they are as I review a couple of their flavors. Everybody pile into the van, we're on a mission.

A Smile Is The Best Revenge

I was able to get my hands on some creamy vape juice blends from Revenge Vapes. No matter the taste of any of their flavors, it's undeniable that these blends are mixed to give the most flavor possible with every hit. Even if the flavor is not always desirable...

Bitter Rivals

Revenge - Payback is a strawberry pastry with cream chesse filling ejuice blend. The name expresses getting even by dishing out a level of revenge equal to the intensity of damage done to the new dealer. However, upon tasting this flavor, I could only ask one question in relation to this, "Who hurt you?"

I did not taste anything resembling a strawberry pastry on the inhale or exhale. However, I did taste the cream cheese filling. However, I think this cheese may have gone bad. What rushes into your mouth is flavor that resembles incredibly strong, bland flan. And what rushes out is a very bitter tasting cream cheese exhale. What you are leftover with is a hard to get rid of extra cheesy aftertaste that tastes like moldy cheese. And not the good kind. Never fret, it gets better with the next vape juice flavor.

The Sweetest Revenge...

Success is the best revenge, as they say, and Revenge - Vengeance has succeeded where others have failed. I am not a huge fan of caramel. Not because I think it is a bad flavor, but because it can be overpoweringly too sweet for my tastes. However, Revenge has won me over with this unique caramel vape juice blend.

The familiar taste of caramel graces your tongue with the familiar sweet, sometimes salty, taste of caramel. Yet, there's a surprise underneath the hood. As you exhale, a different sweetness comes to the forefront as the milky taste of whipped cream exits in a heavenly cloud of flavor that says, "I'm living my best life."

"Revenge Is A Powerful Motivator"

So, like yesterday, we have a 50/50 split here from Hornco Liquids. Not everyone can be a winner. But Revenge Vapes has shown me there is truth in the saying, "It's not how many times you get knocked down that count, it's how many times you get back up." Revenge has determined that it is not staying down for the count.

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