Reds Apple Salts and a NEW FLAVOR


For most of you, Reds Apple E-Juice needs no introduction. The honest, all-natural taste of Reds is known around the world, and the brand's success is evident in its ubiquity in retail stores. 

But for those who are not familiar, Reds Apple E-Juice is a line of fruit-flavored E-Juices manufactured in Southern California by food engineers who study flavor and vapor analytics to craft superior flavors. Customers describe Reds Apple E-Juice flavors as "flavorful," and "real-tasting." 

Today Reds Apple E-Juice is comprised of 5 flavors: Apple, Berries, Watermelon, Grape, and MANGOthe newest addition to the line. Menthol versions for each flavor are also available. 

If you haven't tried Reds yet, let's break down the flavor profiles so we can determine which one you will like best, and then you can go from there. And for everyone out there who already knows and loves Reds, make sure you pick up a bottle of their newest flavor, MANGO

For those who like SWEET:


Reds Apple (Original) and Reds Apple Grape are perfect for those who enjoy sweet fruit-flavored E-Juices. The Reds Apple (Original) is the long-time favorite of many vapers, while others enjoy the authentic taste that Reds Apple Grape delivers. Which one is better? You let us know. 

For those who like SOUR: 

Reds Apple Berries and Reds Apple Watermelon are both delightful treats that provide real fruit taste in E-Juice form. With flavor profiles that are 100% natural, without any adulterants or distracting flavors, you can vape the delicious taste of watermelon and berries all day long. 

For those who like BOTH: 

Reds Apple Mango walks a fine line between sweet and sour, and offers a unique fruit-flavored profile that tastes like an ocean breeze. It's delightful, delicious, flavorful, and a little magical, too. You can purchase the Reds Apple Mango in the EightVape store. 


Get 10% off any of the Reds Apple Salts by using the coupon code REDS10. 

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