Okami Bubble Gang Review


Okami Bubble Gang Review

Okami is a well known brand in the vaping world, releasing one hit E-Liquid after another since shortly after their establishment in 2013. You might be familiar with some of their best selling E-Juices already, like Lychee Lauren or Dolce and Guava, but recently Okami has released a new lineup of E-Liquids that are sure to please. If you haven’t tried an Okami brand Vape Juice yet, their new Bubble Gang lineup is a great place to start!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different Bubble Gang flavors.

Grape Ape

A one of a kind Vape Juice, Grape Ape takes the delicious flavor of sweet plump grapes and blends in a taste of classic pink bubblegum. The mixture of grape and bubblegum flavors makes this mouthwatering mix an irresistible flavor. If you a fan of fruity candy flavor then you’ll love  Bubble Gang Grape Ape from Okami.

Sour Menace

Sour Vape Juice lovers unite! I’ve got a soft spot for any sour E-Juice, it’s a hard flavor to recreate and I gotta give credit where credits due, Bubble Gang Sour Menace hits that sour note perfectly. Using the naturally tart flavor of Granny Smith apples mixed with a deliciously sweet bubblegum candy flavor. The balance between tart apple and sweet bubblegum makes Sour Menace hard to put down!

OG Bubba

The original Bubble Gang flavor, OG Bubba takes the mouthwatering flavor of juicy watermelon and mixes it with a sweet old school pink bubblegum flavor. The combination of refreshing watermelon with pink bubblegum is a timeless flavor that’s perfect for all day vaping. If you’re looking for a new vape juice to put in your daily rotation, OG Bubba is a perfect choice.


Blu Dream

Who doesn't like the delicious taste of freshly plucked blueberries? Now, with Okami Blu Dream, you don't have to choose between delicious bubblegum or mouthwatering blueberry, you can have both! Blu Dream takes the fantastic flavor of classic pink bubblegum and blends it with a sweet taste of freshly picked blueberries and a hint of sweet cream for a truly unforgettable flavor. 

If you haven't tried the original Okami flavors yet you should check them out too! From Dolce and Guava, an indulgent taste of tropical Mango mixed with Guava, to Lychee Lauren, a delicious mix of lychee and white peach, Okami has a perfect vape juice flavor for you.   

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