Milkshake Liquids, An EightVape Review

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Milkshake Liquids Review

Splashing onto the vape scene in 2014, Milkshake Liquids is one of the older brands in the vaping world. Part of the BLACKMVRKET family, makers of Secret Menu E-Liquids, Milkshake Liquids takes a sweet and simple approach to their vapor juice that sets them apart from the crowd. This award winning brand uses a base of natural vanilla bean mixed with sweet cream in order to create their famous Milkshake flavors.

Here’s a quick look at some of the E-Liquids that made Milkshake Liquids famous!


Breezy Shake

Milkshake Liquids Breezy

Breezy Shake is a sweet blend of all natural strawberries swirled in with creamy vanilla bean. Milkshake Liquids does a great job of delivering all the flavor of a 1950’s diner style strawberry milkshake with this Ejuice. The naturally sweet taste of field picked strawberries is complemented by the rich taste of creamy vanilla ice cream to create a vapor juice that's hard to put down. If you’re into rich and fruity vapor juice try Breezy Shake and you won’t be disappointed.

Bomberry Shake

Milkshake Liquids Bomberry

A mouthwatering amalgamation of juicy berry flavors swirling together with rich vanilla bean milkshake. Finally you can enjoy the sweet taste of a berry blend milkshake without any of the calories! Rounding out this sweet creamy dessert vape is a drizzle of rich condensed milk flavor. Why shop around for the perfect berry milkshake flavor when it's right here in front of you! If you’re a fan of dessert Ejuices you’ll love the taste of Bomberry Shake.


Shammy Shake

Milkshake Liquids Shammy Shake

Yes you read that name right, and no it’s not St. Patrick's day! Your favorite seasonal Milkshake is now available year round in vapor juice form! You don’t even have to go through a drive through window to enjoy the amazing combination of sweet mint milkshake flavor with Shammy Shake from Milkshake Liquids. Refreshing wintergreen and spearmint come together with sweet vanilla milkshake flavors to create the ultimate vape juice.


Have you tried any Milkshake Liquids? What do you think of their flavors? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Posted on by Michael Hedrick

    yes & I Love ’em ❗💨💨💨💨💨💨
    my adv for sure , Strawberry 😎💨💨💨💨

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