Juice of the Week! A Jordan's Juice of the Day Recap


Juice of the Week!

A Jordan's Juice of the Day Recap

Welcome to Juice of the Week, the only blog that recaps all of my Juice of the Day videos from the last week. Here, I’ll tell you all my flavor impressions for the Juice’s that we covered during the videos. Let’s begin!

Vape Breakfast Classics French Dude:

I’m very happy with how this video turned out and this vape juice was absolutely amazing as well. I try a lot of different breakfast flavors on a regular basis and French Dude is definitely one of my new favorites. The sweet taste of soft bread soaked in a rich vanilla egg custard and then fried to golden perfection gives this E-Juice an accurate french toast flavor. A perfect blend of fresh doughy flavors combined with a drizzle of warm maple syrup and a dollop of cream and blueberries.

Try French Dude


Bear Graham Grizzly:

I had a lot of fun doing the shoot for this one, and trying the juice was pretty great too! This E-Juice has a strong taste of sweet golden brown honey graham crackers, perfect for satisfying my hard to please sweet tooth. If I had to choose between my favorite Graham Cracker E-Liquid flavors I’d have to place this one right at the top! For sweet vape juice lovers, Bear Graham Grizzly is a great choice.

Try Bear Graham Grizzly


Naked 100 Cream Naked Unicorn:

We introduced a new office mascot in this video, our new oversized Unicorn plushy! Keep an eye out for him in our future videos. As for the E-Juice, what can I say? I’ve never had a Naked 100 flavor that was bad and Naked Unicorn is no different. A savory and satisfying blend of Sun-ripened strawberries plucked fresh from the field and imbued with freshly whipped cream. This tasty Strawberry Smoothie flavor is sure to satisfy!

Try Naked Unicorn


Directors Cut Damian, Doll of Malevolent:

This was certainly one of the more interesting video shoots that we’ve done so far. I really like how the end result turned out, it almost feels like an actual horror movie! I think the taste of Damian from Directors Cut is really something you have to experience because describing it just doesn’t do it justice. A combination of wild melon flavor with ripe Asian pear and sweet bubblegum makes Damian an irresistible E-Juice flavor. I actually went through a decent amount of this juice during the shoot because I just couldn’t stop vaping it!

Try Directors Cut Damian


For all the tastiest E-Juices on the market, vaping news, free giveaways, and cool vaping videos stay tuned to the EightVape YouTube channel and keep checking our blog for cool new vape news. 

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