Jam Monster PB & Jam Exclusive E-Juice Review


The folks over at Jam Monster are back at it again with their latest creation Jam Monster PB & Jam! This exclusive flavor takes the taste of everyone’s favorite childhood treat, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, and turns them into a fantastic vape juice! Finally I can enjoy the taste of wolfing down PB & J sandwiches without worrying about the calories. Now available in high concentration PB and Jam Salt Nic!

Picture Courtesy of www.refinery29.com

My first impression of PB & Jam? YUM! I’m a fan of the Jam Monster E-Liquids, their raspberry jam flavor was one of the first E-Liquids that I got to review in a professional capacity and ever since then I’ve had a soft spot for their E-Juices. But I never let past bias influence my reviews so I was a little concerned about having to dis one of my favorite companies over their newest flavor if I didn't like it. I’m happy to report that PB & Jam follows the example set by most Jam Monster E-Juices and knocks the flavor profile out of the park!

On my first inhale I noticed my mouth watering instantly from the fruity taste of an actual jam flavor. Most E-Liquids that feature a jam flavor use a fruit candy flavoring and, instead of creating a jam taste, the flavor ends up being sweeter than the rest of the flavors and throws off the whole flavor profile. That’s not the case for Jam Monster PB & J, the notes I’m tasting the most point to a natural fruit flavor base with a few added flavors to recreate the delicious taste of jam.

The most prominent flavor in PB & Jam is a strong taste of fruity grape jam flavor that will absolutely enthrall you. A few more puffs and you’ll notice a slight hint of nutty flavor that starts to develop midway through your inhale. The savory mix of peanut butter with naturally flavored grape jam makes PB & Jam from Jam Monster a great all-day-vape in my opinion.

If you’re a fan of fruity E-Liquids but can’t find a grape flavor that you like I highly recommend trying PB & Jam. It has a fantastically fruity flavor profile and the hints of peanut butter add a savoriness that kick that grape jam flavor up to the next level.   


  • Posted on by Pasq

    I buy it, i open it, i drip it, and…
    I disappointed with this pb & j.. where’s the peanut? Well.. i thought it would be something that can makes me loyal to this pb&j, but i wrong.. i think, i only loyal to the jam monster – raspberry..

  • Posted on by Ronnie

    Love jam monster but this I don’t like got it put it in a tank don’t have the peanut butter flavor at all to me. Dose have a bad after taste.

  • Posted on by Michaela

    I’m pretty disappointed. I can’t taste the peanut butter at all and it leaves a grape flavored cough syrup aftertaste.

  • Posted on by Kory Bawden

    So I got my 100 mil bottle of it for free at Vegas expo and the salt nic one I tried the salt nic hated it. Then I put in the regular in my meshpro quad coil sxmini gclass I vaped the whole bottle by the end of November 2weeks 100 mills for a non nonrta user I used to be I am to busy now to coil it and drip it. Anyway I have been trying to fill the void of that perfect pbandj I have tried almost all please jam monster put it in production. If not anyone know any others pb and jam

  • Posted on by Jose

    I have a bottle of Pb and J by Jam monster in salt nic as well as regular juice

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