Jam Monster Lemon Review


Jam Monster Lemon Review

The folks over at Monster Vape Labs have released a new and much-requested flavor, Lemon Jam Monster! This is one that I’ve personally been very excited to try ever since I heard they were working on it. Well it looks like I picked a good year to check out the TPE convention in Las Vegas because I managed to get my hands on a tester bottle so I could let you guys know what’s up!

If you’ve been around vaping for any amount of time you’re going to recognize the brand Jam Monster. From their fantastic original jam flavors to the new PB & Jam Monster, I don’t think there’s a single vape juice in the monster lineup that isn’t delicious. Now I may be a little biased, as Jam Monster is one of the first brands I ever tried along with Loaded vape juice, but they’re also one of the only vape juice brands that I’ll go out of my way to buy with my own money. You can interpret that however you want to!

Jam Monster Lemon

This new Jam Monster Lemon vape juice follows the traditional Jam flavor profile that most of the other jam flavors utilize. There’s a strong undertone of buttery goodness along with hints of toasted bread, which is extremely hard to capture in a vape juice. Above all of those flavors is the sumptuous taste of candied lemon rinds, almost like marmalade in its decadent sweetness. Most of the lemon flavors on the market right now are geared towards fans of sour juices so I really enjoy the sweet angle that Jam Monster framed their lemon flavor in. 

There's an almost lemon drop aftertaste but it's quickly whisked away by the undertones of buttered toast, a truly magnificent mix of flavors that leaves you satisfied and eager for more!

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Watch out Twist, there’s a new Lemon on the block!     


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