Fantasi Zero Cooling Vape Juice, An EightVape Review


Fantasi Zero Cooling Review

Fantasi Zero Cooling

Fantasi delivers some of the worlds best soda-flavored E-Liquids, but until recently they utilized a slight hint of menthol in their E-Juices which wasn’t too popular with non-menthol lovers. Finally, much to my delight, Fantasi has released a full lineup of their famous soda flavors minus the menthol flavor that turned some users off of this E-Liquid. If you enjoy soda flavors and you’re looking for an E-Liquid to deliver that same fantastic flavor, try Fantasi Zero Cooling E-Liquid.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different Fantasi Zero E-Liquids you can try on EightVape.


Freshly squeezed lemons blended with a carbonated soda flavor to create an exhilarating and delicious E-Juice. A tart and sweet mix of Lemon soda flavors makes this a perfect all-day-vape flavor for fans of sour E-Liquid.


Crisp apples freshly picked and expertly blended with carbonated soda to create a sweet and satisfying all-natural profile. Apple soda might not be the most familiar soda flavor, but boy does it work well as a vape juice flavor! Smooth apple taste comes together with a slight hint of fizzy soda for a uniquely satisfying flavor.


The sweet taste of freshly picked concord grape flavor mixed with a hint of soda, perfect for warm weather! If you’re looking to recreate the taste of Grape soda in vape juice form, Fantasi Grape is perfect for you.


A mouthwatering blend of sweet natural orange flavor mixed with a hint of soda taste. Fantasi orange is great for fans of orange julius and other orange flavored soda drinks. Try it today and see for yourself why this is one of the top-selling Fantasi flavors.


If you haven’t tried mango soda yet you’re in for a treat with this vape juice! Fantasi takes the scrumptious taste of exotic tropical mangoes and mixes it with a fizzy soda flavor. If you’re looking for a unique tropical E-Liquid Fantasi Mango is a perfect choice.

Mix Mango Grape

If you thought mango or grape Fantasi sounded good, wait until you try mango grape mix! All the fantastic flavors of plump freshly picked grapes combined with sweet tropical mangoes. This mouthwatering vape juice mix will keep you coming back for more.

Mix Strawberry Apple

Sweet summer strawberries come together with crisp tart apples to make a delicious E-Liquid combination. If you like strawberry and apple E-Liquids, give this strawberry apple blend a try and see what the fans are raving about!


Who doesn’t love the delicious flavor of freshly sliced watermelons with a tall glass of soda? Now, with Fantasi Mix Watermelon, you can enjoy watermelon soda in vape juice form! If you enjoy watermelon E-Liquids you’ll love Fantasi Watermelon.


Have you tried any of the pre-zero cooling Fantasi Flavors? How do they measure up to these new non-menthol flavors? Let me know your thoughts on Fantasi in the comments below!

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