EightVape Review: The Mamasan Guava Pop


From Mama's Candy Jar: The Mamasan Guava Pop

At any age, a lollipop is usually going to appeal to you. Think about it. Even when you go to a chiropractic doctor, you can usually find a bowl of lollipops at the receptionist's desk. Do you know many kids visiting a chiropractor? Exactly.

So, what happens when you can capture the flavor of your favorite candy pastime in a vape juice? The Mamasan Guava Pop answers that question, deliciously.

Tropical Vibes

Inhaling Guava Pop, you get more than just the lollipop taste that you're expecting. The inhale provides the juicy mix of ripe peaches. A slight tang, but nothing overbearing. I specify ripened peaches, because anyone familiar with peaches knows that they can be tart if too fresh. There is none of that here. Only sweet fruit juices, subtly grazing your tongue with the vapor's first layers.

Vapor For Your Sweet Tooth

Guava candy. I feel that should be all you need to know about the exhale on this incredibly flavorful vape juice. If you've never had guava before, I would describe the flavor as similar to a pear. Yet it is much sweeter, and sometimes sour. The sour flavor comes out on the aftertaste of the guava taste that accompanies Guava Pop. However, the sweetness of guava hard candy is at the forefront of the exhale allowing for a savory vaping session.

If this wondrous mix appeals to you, EightVape has you covered. You can find The Mamasan Guava Pop HERE.

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