EightVape Juice Reviews: Charlie's Chalk Dust Meringue Collection

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EightVape Juice Reviews: Charlie's Chalk Dust Meringue Collection

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a popular juice brand that started around 2015 and the brand has a wide variety of flavors with each juice line they released. Charlie’s Chalk Dust has multiple successful juice lines like the Black Series, White Series, Pachamama, Stumpsand Meringue line. The juice company does great promotion and is widely available in a lot of vape shops and online shops as well.

The review will be about the Meringue line which is a unique and tasty dessert flavor line. 


Mr. Meringue - Lemon Meringue Pie

  • The first flavor launched in the Meringue juice line at the time got a lot of people raving about this flavorful lemon pie blend. Heavy dessert flavor vapers will indulge in this as it has a natural real lemon meringue custard taste and a bold baked crust flavor to go with it.


Mrs. Meringue - Strawberry Meringue

  • Ms Meringue is a really sweet strawberry flavor, the strawberry taste subtle while the sweetness and buttered custard overpowers it at the end. A really good creamy strawberry flavor to try for heavy dessert vapers.


Uncle Meringue - Rainbow Sherbet Meringue Pie

  • This flavor is something different than a lot of other rainbow sherbet flavors as it has a sweet pastry taste of custard and baked pie while the the rainbow sherbet doesn’t overpower that dessert but just perfect enough to get a taste of the rainbow. A must try for vapers that want the best of both dessert and fruity flavors. 



Aunt Meringue - Green Apple Cream Pie

  • Aunt Meringue is a unique american apple pie where the green apple, combined with the sweet cream pie finish really creates a delicious dessert flavor of a green apple strudel with creamy custard finish.

The Meringue Line by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a definite must try for custard and dessert loving vapers that want to try something out of the norm, as the juice line has unique premium flavor combination of fruits and pastry mixed together to be balanced out nicely.

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  • Posted on by Joshua Hayden

    Always a go to summer vape… Wish they would put out a 100ml. bottle…. So good…

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