Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Review


Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Review

A scrumptious vape juice made with dessert fans in mind, lemon tart brings a very nice lemon flavoring that mixes in well with the rich and creamy meringue taste. Sour lemon notes combine together with rich custard to create an unforgettable flavor. This is a very heavy flavor that’s full of creamy custard, sweet meringue, and tart lemon.  

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One of my favorite things about vape juice is you can get all the fantastic flavors of sweet dessert foods without having to worry about the calories. If you’re having trouble controlling sweet tooth cravings I can guarantee you one puff of lemon tart will set you straight. Try it today and find out what real dessert taste is. 


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    100% agree. Had it for the first time ever a few years ago and I don’t think I’ve found a better dessert flavor since. And you’re right about all the taste, none of the calories. I’m sure vaping has had me skipping dessert on a regular basis!

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