Candy POP! Grape Chew Candy Vape Juice Review


Jordan reviews the Candy Pop Grape Chew and gives his expert opinion.


  • Posted on by Bridget

    @MummahDarling. I started with an AIO (all in one) device, Aspire Breeze. It’s easy on the pocket here at Eightvape. However, now they have the Aspire Breeze 2, which in my opinion is a better device. Also, you have the option of vaping a higher nicotine now with the nicotine salts liquids. Check out Eightvape’s AIO or Pod devices. Read the reviews thoroughly. Check out the reviews on the replacement coils or pods for longevity and price. I love the Aspire Breeze 2 and recommend it to anyone I know trying to quit the cigs. Best wishes and good luck to you!!!

  • Posted on by MummahDarling

    I’ve tried vaping before but I guess I didn’t purchase a decent one! I’m trying to switch from cigs-I have 2 children & don’t want to smell like stinky smoke! I’m a single mom so I’m on a bug at but I’m looking for a good vape brand to switch too & don’t know anyone to ask their advice or opinion! Is there one you’d recommend(a starter kit?)that’s not gonna hurt my wallet, doesn’t mess up a lot & provides a lot of vape-I’m a heavy smoker, so I need something that’s gonna work & doesn’t have a 100 pieces to it!
    Thanks, Mummah Darling Nicole

  • Posted on by Kat Egan

    I really enjoyed candy pop grape chew.
    I will buy this from now on. Thank you.

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