Candy King E-Liquid Sample Pack Review


Candy King Sample Pack Review

I’m a huge fan of sample packs and when I heard Candy King was putting together a pack of their greatest hits I had to try it. Sample packs are great for a number of reasons, you get to try a bunch of flavors from one brand, and they’re less expensive than buying full 60ml or 100ml bottles if you’re not sure what E-Liquid to buy.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my impressions for the Candy King Sample Pack. I highly recommend picking one up if you’re looking to try a new vape juice, there’s more than a few all-day-vape worthy flavors in this pack.

Candy King Batch: A sweet and sour amalgamation of gummy candy flavor. The sour mix of sugar coated lime, lemon, orange, and cherry tickles your throat and makes your mouth water on every puff. A true King among vape juices, Batch is a perfect all-day-vape for fans of candy flavored E-Liquids.


Candy King Sour Worms: Strong notes of fruit candy gummies with a sprinkling of sour sugar. Mouth-watering on the inhale with a subtle fruit candy exhale, the distinct taste of sour gummy worms will keep you coming back for more. One of Candy King’s best sellers, you’ll have to try it to see how good it is for yourself.


Candy King Belts Strawberry: A strong taste of sweet strawberry candy flavor with a thick throat hit. A hint of sour sugar crystals blends perfectly with strawberry candy to create a sweet and sour strawberry flavor. If you’re a fan of strawberry candy you’ll love Strawberry Belts from Candy King.

Candy King Swedish: A distinct flavor of everyone's favorite red gummy fish candy. This E-liquid provides thick cloud production with a satisfyingly sweet exhale. Lingonberry and cherry mix together to create an unforgettable vape juice flavor.

Candy King Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum: Mouthwatering watermelon strawberry flavor come together with classic bubblegum taste. A faithful recreation of the famous strawberry watermelon bubblegum, this E-Liquid is a perfect all-day-vape flavor for fans of fruit candy.

Pink Squares: A bright and fruity blend of super-sweet and super-sour strawberry candy flavors. The soft, smooth and almost chewy mouthwatering texture makes this a perfect all-day-vape flavor. Pleasant, perfumey and pungent, this intoxicating E-Liquid from Candy King is a home run.

Peachy Rings: Peachy Rings packs a potent peachy punch of mouthwatering flavor. A stellar recreation of gummy peach rings candy, tasty and satisfying layers of rich peach nectar and sour gummy candy flavors. Peachy Rings e-juice will entice your senses and leave you wanting more.

Lemon Drops: Lemon Drops captures the lemon/citrus essence and tartness of lemon drops candy. It's refreshing and fruity, sour and tart, zesty and sweet, and it will perfume the air with the most intoxicating fresh lemon scent.Candy King Lemon Drops is a smooth flavor perfect for fans of sour E-Liquids.


Check out our Candy King Collection for a full list of all their best selling E-Liquids.

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