Beard Vape Co The Salty One Review, The One is Back!


The Salty One Review

If you’re a vaper you’ve probably heard of Beard Vape Co already. They’re one of the top E-Liquid manufacturers in the world, found in mom and pop stores across the country, and one of my personal favorite brands. Hell, The One Lemon was my go to vape juice for about 2 months when it first came out! I even keep a bottle on hand anytime I’m testing RDA’s because it has so many subtle notes in it that you can instantly tell if you’ve done the wicking or coiling wrong.

Now all you pod vapers out there can enjoy the fantastic taste of The One Eliquids with this new The Salty One nic salt juice lineup!

The Salty One Sweet & Sour Apple Berry

The Salty One Sweet and Sour Apple Berry

This mouthwatering flavor is brand new to both the Beard Vape Co and The One juice lines. A sensational swirl of sweet and crisp apples mixed together with tart strawberries in the ultimate blend of sweet and sour flavors. It can be hard to find a good fruit based nic salt vape juice, but The Salty One Sweet and Sour Apple Berry is perfect for pod vaping.

The Salty One Strawberry

The Salty One Strawberry

The One Strawberry is back with this new nic salt version! Savor the sensational taste of a freshly baked donut glazed with sweet strawberry frosting and covered with crunchy cereal. Now you can enjoy all the fantastic flavor of a strawberry glazed donut without having to worry about the calories!

The Salty One Apple

The Salty one Apple

A delicious mix of freshly baked apple fritters followed up with a tall glass of creamy milk. The fantastic mix of donut and apple flavors makes this Ejuice a perfect dessert style flavor for all vapers. If you’re looking for a new all day vape juice flavor try The Salty One Apple from Beard Vape Co.

What do you think of the Beard Vape Co flavors? Have you tried any of The One Eliquids? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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