Aqua Salts Drops Review


Aqua is one of my favorite brands out there, mostly because their promo videos on YouTube are AMAZING. But they also hold several awards for best-flavored vape juice at multiple vaping conventions. One of my favorite flavors out of them would have to be Drops, their taste-the-rainbow candy flavor that knocks your sweet tooth out of the park. 

Drops is a recreation of everyone’s favorite rainbow candy flavor, bringing together hints of strawberry, grape, lemon, orange, and green apple candy. I’m tantalized with the taste of crystalline candy dancing across the notes from lemon to grape and back to strawberry with orange and green apple making the occasional appearance. 

I’ve been getting away from candy flavors, going back to fruit and dessert flavors, but Drops is one of my favorite flavors for pod devices. Mostly because it’s one of the few flavors that comes across over the strong taste of salt nic juice. If you’re a fan of candy flavors you’ve gotta try Aqua Drops.


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