Staff Picks: Why I Love The Uwell Nunchaku

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Staff Picks: Why I Love The Uwell Nunchaku


Okay, if you've read any of my blog posts you know I don't shut up about my Uwell Nunchaku(s). I love the brand Uwell and I tend to strictly use pen style vape mods. So this is the one for me. I'm locking it down.

If you saw my review of the Uwell Whirl 20, you'll know that I like to keep things simple and efficient in my vaping. I'm all about ease, convenience, and performance. Not to mention flavor. And Uwell hits the mark on everything on my vape check list.

So I want to get into the Nunchaku a bit deeper for you guys, so you can see what all of my fuss is about.

Let's start with some background on me. I have been vaping for a little over 2 1/2 years now. I first started with some kind of SMOK pen with the Baby Beast Cloud King tank. I got it at a local smoke shop and was pretty novice, I even remember the cashier laughing at my tiny clouds. 

After using that for a solid while I decided to up my game. The SMOK was alright but as I learned about TC modes, wattage, ohms, bypass modes and all the other complexities surrounding vaping I felt like the SMOK wasn't giving me everything I could have in a positive vape experience where I was in control of what was going on. Plus, I wanted something with a bit more style

Not a fan of box mods, even though there are some that really tempt me at times, I began my search for a pen style mod similar in size and shape to my SMOK pen and it wasn't long until I found my new BFF. I instantly felt like Paris Hilton when she brought back Stephen Hampton at the finale after eliminating him the episode before (if ANYONE gets that reference you win all my love).

My new BFF was the Uwell Nunchaku. I had heard good things about Uwell and seen reviews of the Nunchaku and after reading the features and specifications on their website I was instantly satisfied and I hadn't even purchased it yet.



So enough about me, lets get into the specs of this thing. 


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 170.5g
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Power Range: 5W-80W
  • Battery: 18650 (with mircro usb charger)
  • Temp Range: 200-600 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Pull and push coil replacement 


One by one this mod has everything. The stainless steel is proof that you're getting what you pay for with Uwell, high quality construction. It adds a nice weight in your hand which makes it feel secure and comfortable, anything but cheap and thrown together.

It's in the perfect wattage range for me. I tend to stay between 48 and 55.5 (The Nunchaku toggles through wattage in .5 increments). The external battery is better in my opinion than an internal battery. You can leave one charging and have it as backup rather than being up sh*ts creek when it dies. But you can also use the Nunchaku while it's charging. 

Five clicks on, five clicks off. Pretty typical. This device fires EXTREMELY FAST so it sometimes will fire when turning it off. But it's a good thing I don't do that too often haha, this guy is almost always by my side. 

When I first got the Nunchaku I was really into using it in SS temp mode and found I could get nice thick clouds and flavor in the 300 range. Now I stick to power mode when using the Nunchaku tank, and when using my Wotofo tank. As for tempurature settings with the Wotofo Tank I use NI Temp mode at 230, which is frankly... dank

Toggling through these modes is easy as can be. Three clicks of the fire button to get to the menu, then hit the smaller buttons above the screen to select your options. I experimented with bypass mode a bit too, but honestly I'm not well versed in what that even means. Like I said, I've been vaping nearly 3 years but I still consider my self a novice... But I'm a novice by choice, who still likes to have her choices.

I love experimenting what different modes do to enhance different flavors and designs of various vape juices. For example right now I'm using a max VG juice that gives wild clouds in bypass mode. No idea why that is, but I like making big clouds now and then so that's the combo I use when I'm in the mood to pretend to be a cloud chaser.

Let's move on to the tank this kit comes with. The tank is beautifully designed with the twisted metal elements that Uwell has made standad in their tanks as of late. Holds a great amount of liquid and has knurled engravings for easy air flow control. It also rarely leaks. I mean that, like it's a solid one!

The coil system of this tank is incredible. Coil replacement has never been so effortless. The plug and pull system is secure, it's easy, and it's my favorite thing ever. The coils themselves create flavors I didn't even know were possible. They're a tad bit on the smaller size so they're prone to over priming so keep that in mind when getting started. But when used properly they are on par with some of the best mesh coils as far as flavor goes. They're pure and they're exquisite, and that's coming from the owner of a FreeMax Mesh Pro. I didn't know what I was missing out on with my Baby Beast honestly. 

In addition to the great flavor and easy installation, the packs of coils we sell here on Eight Vape are awesome, they come in packs of four that last a long time even if you are an all day vaper. 

Some say this tank whistles but I disagree a bit there. It does produce a whistle but it can be easily fixed with a hairs difference of an airflow adjustment. The airflow on this thing is great and highly customizable. It makes a decent vape sound that we are all used to and if you like it tight but can't stand a light airy whistle sound, it just takes a very small adjustment.

If you are interested in the Uwell Nunchaku but that damn whistle is a deal breaker, then I recommend to you the Whirl, it's very similar, a lot smaller and designed for MTL making it virtually silent.

I've heard complaints about the battery life of this guy and I really don't know what people are saying. I use this all day at work and then some more in the evening. I'm not at one bar of battery life until at least 9 PM, that's 12 hours of solid all day vaping at no wasted battery.

The mod and tank have only over heated twice when I left it on and it fired in my purse. It hasn't overheated on it's own once, it's only done so due to human error, which I certainly cannot say for my old SMOK. The bottom of the device has four holes for ventilation stylishly designed on a star-like pattern (I love pretty little details).

The mod and tank cooled off completely in about 10-15 minutes and there was no noticeable burnt taste or change in the performance. Safety is a great thing to have and you definitely get it with this device, it displays "over heat" and will not fire again until it is back to normal temperature. 

Now back to me. I have three, yes three of these. My first was the kit in rainbow. Then I got the purple tank. The all black mod. And then the Blue kit. I like to keep three for different reasons. 

One: The tanks all have specific juice flavor profiles. My rainbow tank is for juices in the fruity/candy spectrum that I already know I love. Purple is for Mochi Dough by Juice Dimension exclusively (Or until I find some other creamy flavor that I like... Kind of leaning toward Psycho Unicorn). And blue is for experimenting on. 

Two: Frankenstein opportunities!! The purple tank looks sick on the all black mod. The rainbow tank looks magical on the blue mod. And here is the best part... unscrewing the bottom battery door and mix-and-matching those as well. I can't tell you how cool the rainbow tank looks on the blue mod with the purple or rainbow battery door. 

Currently I'm rocking the all black mod with the rainbow battery door and a rainbow Wotofo Flow Pro tank. It looks so awesome, I'm literally obsessed. I freaked out my boyfriend when I discovered this battery door Frankenstein trick because I was so proud of my silly little innovation. I couldn't shut up about it. 

The all black mod is my favorite because it's insanely matte. The stainless steel is etched so finely along the sides that it hardly reflects any light or allows for any finger prints (which I can't say the same for the rainbow and blue those guys get smudgy). It also makes a cool "zipper" sound when you run your nail vertically along the mod. The matte black also aides in really disguising any dings or knicks, mine has taken a few hits and still looks rad.

My one complaint is the drip tip. It's just a bit too wide for me. But it's not even that wide. I'm just being nit picky. It's honestly not a big deal but when I go from my Wotofo tank which has a curved drip tip, the Nunchaku just takes some time for me to re adjust to. 

I honestly love this device so much that me, a self proclaimed novice who likes to keep things simple, has seriously considered buying the Nunchaku RDA kit when it was announced recently that Uwell would be rolling them out. I don't even build and can't imagine I'd ever be good at it... but I still want one. It's the only RDA I honestly think I'd ever consider starting on. 

uwell nunchaku rda

Just hope we get our hands on some here at Eight Vape. You know who will be the first to review it.

...After Jordan teaches me how to use it.


Until then...

Get the Kit HERE

Get the Tank HERE

Get the Mod Only HERE


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  • Posted on by FREDERICK FINIZZI

    There is a lot to your story that crosses the path of my journey. 2 1/2 years? That is awesome i am coming up on 7 years in the spring. When they first started making mods way back in the olden days the were all tubes and i used tubes for YEARS. When box mods came out i was 100% not into them. The way a mod feels in my hand is important and when it comes to my habits I hate change. When everything for regulated mods went to box mods i really struggled adjusting to the form factor. I was so happy with what i had but wanted all of the new cool technology in my tubes. I did finally adjust to box mods especially the rounded off versions. I went to building and dripping over night. I was challenged to try an RDA and after A week or so of using it i had to report back what my experience was like. I was a MTL vaper because that is all we had. This direct lung thing was nothing like smoking a real cig and i just had no interest in changing how i vape that drastically. Anyway i i ordered the MAGNUM RDA and I had a few devices that went to 30 watts which at the time was the highest wattage on the market. There were no high wattage boxes. mech mods were just starting and when someone got one they went on every forum and vape gathering to show it to their vape communities because most people did not see one in real life so they were rare. So i built the MOST HORRIBLE looking coil with SILICA wick juiced it up with a 6mg nic vanilla custard and fired it up. BAM i called my friend immediately and asked him to help me order mods and rda’s and juice and whatever else i needed and in one night i went from a 100% MTL vaper to a dripper and never looked back. 3 things first the reason i went into high gear switching over to DL style was because of that first pull on the RDA. My juice tasted like it magically turned the flavor in to overdrive. I vaped that juice for years and it NEVER tasted anything like it did on my first rip of that RDA.
    So yeah i love tubes too and there are a few other nice ones out there but i think you have what you need. Subtanks are ok and some hagve awesome flavor but if you want the ultimate vape(in my opinion) try dripping because i feel that if you are a flavor chaser you have to add dripping into your journey. I still have quite a few MTL setups and i do use them because they work so much better when i have a craving for a real cig so i dual or is it duel hmmm, anywho i am a dual user with dripping being 90% of vaping but man does that 10% MTL protect me from smoking when i get stressed or cravings for a cig.
    Great article by the way and thanks for info on the NUNCHAKU!
    Fred Finizzi/ Dr PennsylVapia

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