• Legs to the MAX!

    Legs to the MAX!
    Here's another of Lei G.S. lounging poolside, with their Hyppe Max Flow; and a pair of gams on full display! (For those of you who aren't a hundred years old, "gams" means "legs.")   Whatever. I'm not old. YOU'RE OLD. In your FACE!  ...Thanks for the great pic, Lei!
  • Lounging Vape-Side!

    Lounging Vape-Side!
    Lei G.S. sent us pics of themselves enjoying a nice poolside rest, with their vape collection front-and-center. Lookin' good, Lei!   So, I guess we could say you're just Lei-ing around? HA HA HA HA Ha... ha ha ha... heh... *ahem*  ...I'll just see myself out.
  • No Huff; Plenty of Puff!

    No Huff; Plenty of Puff!
    According to Kelly W:"Back home in time to take a hike!   I couldn't make this trip when I was a smoker.  After I made the switch, I've found I can breathe easier and participate in more outdoor activities!  Now that I'm here, it's time to fill up my Freemax Maxus 200w kit and enjoy the scenery."  ...
  • It's Not TECHNICALLY Identical, Right?

    It's Not TECHNICALLY Identical, Right?
    Now listen, Ashley. You've done pretty well with your "scenes with a lantern" series of photographs, but we have to call you out a little bit on the fact that this one looks almost the same as a previous one. (She moved the vapes around a little bit, thinking we wouldn't notice, but WE DID.)Shaaaaaame on you for sending...
  • The Beach, The Oxva, and You!

    The Beach, The Oxva, and You!
    Kelly W. has another picture of herself at the beach with another vape device! (Truth time, Kelly; how many vape kits do you take on vacation with you??) You guys all seem to like the beach. Here's Kelly's contribution to that theme:   Hey, if you guys don't get tired of beach pics, we won't get tired of putting...
  • Planters and Flowers and Voopoos, Oh My!

    Planters and Flowers and Voopoos, Oh My!
    This snap from Kevin H. shows his beloved Voopoo sitting on a lovely planter, complete with bark, flowers, and everything else you'd expect from a romantic scene playing out by a concrete planter.   That Voopoo is a lucky gal, Kevin. You keep romancing her good, you big stud! We ship this.
  • One Keen Green Scene!

    One Keen Green Scene!
    Connie S. has another pretty shot for us; this time with a green Argus in front of some other lush greenery!   This is a very aesthetically pleasing shot, Connie. Well done!
  • Concrete Campground!

    Concrete Campground!
    When you think "Summer Adventure," you typically think, "Lanterns and vapes next to a mysterious block of concrete with a metal handle bolted to it," right? ...Of COURSE you do, and so did Ashley H.!     Good work capturing all those traditional camping staples in a single image, Ashley! 
  • Mist Opportunities!

    Mist Opportunities!
    It's really starting to look like Ashley was looking to take pictures of her lantern, and the vape devices are just her excuse to do it.   But this time, she's got her lamp in a very misty (or smoky?) looking setting, where one would traditionally need a lantern. ...If it weren't daytime.
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