Suorin Drop Ultra-Portable System Review


Suorin Drop Ultra-Portable System Review 

By Keith Green

I recently found myself out of town for work for an extended period of time and the device I had brought with me crapped the bed. I decided to pick up a Suorin Drop Pod system with some high nicotine e-juice to get me by until I returned home to my growing squonk collection.

The kit comes with the battery, a single refillable Pod and a USB charging cable. Since the kit only includes 1 Pod, I advise picking up a couple extra if you are purchasing this device. The battery is made of a metal material and feels weighty and solid in the hand. The perceived quality and feel of the device in the hands far exceeds EightVape's advertised price. The size is smaller than a credit card and it fits well in a shirt pocket. The Pod itself has 2 rubber grommets that can be used to fill and they are attached so there is no worry about losing them (unlike the OVNS Cookie for instance).

When I took my first drag off of the Drop, I felt a very satisfying experience that I had not felt in some time. The draw is like taking a drag off of a cigarette and I forgot how much I enjoy that experience. I like it so much that even though I am back in the home office with all of my squonk gear at hand, I still find myself wanting to use the Drop over my other devices. The flavor is very nice, and the vapor production is what you would expect from a pod system. The Drop is draw activated so there is no button to press to begin vaping. This helps add to the cigarette like vaping experience.

The only issue I have had, and I believe this to be more of a fault of the e-juice and not so much the Drop, is that the coils only seem to last me a few days. I have gone through 2 pods in the course of a week and they both have a slight burnt coil/cotton taste. Again, I am pretty sure this is due to the e-juice I am vaping (Yogi Peanut Butter Banana Nic Salt). Make sure you purchase extras if getting the kit.

I sometimes have to travel for work to client's sites and it was nice being able to step outside and vape without having to pull out a mod with an RDA attached and start blowing huge clouds all over the place. The Suorin Drop is very small and quite discreet. I enjoyed the Pod experience so much that I decided to try a couple of other devices as well. The OVNS Cookie and the SMOK Novo. Out of the 3, the Drop is still my favorite and will be the only device I take with me when travelling.

If you are a smoker looking to switch to vaping, you will like the draw on the Drop since it mimics that of a cigarette. The device is easy to use with good flavor and a charge lasts me about a day. If you are a veteran vapor looking for something more portable and pocket friendly, you can't go wrong with the Suorin Drop. Paired with a Nic Salt e-juice, it will do a great job of providing a satisfying vape experience without having to carry around spare batteries or big bottles of e-juice.


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