Top SMOK Touchscreen Mods


Top SMOK Touchscreen Mods

2020 is here and vaping technology has never been more up to date. From built-in speakers to Bluetooth connectivity, the amount of high-tech advancements made in vaping has really ramped up over the past year. If you’re a fan of Touchscreen technology then you’re in luck because SMOK, the most prolific manufacturer in the vaping world, is making a big push towards touchscreen technology. 

Here are all the best SMOK mods with a touchscreen!


Touchscreen just got a whole lot tougher with the SMOK Mag P3. This latest iteration of the Mag lineup features full IP67 waterproofing, dust proofing, and shock proofing, making this the most durable touchscreen vape device on the market right now. When we tested this device we did everything from throwing it off a building to dunking it in water, we finished off the torture test by running it over with an SUV. After all the punishment I was half expecting the device to blow up, but to my surprise, the touchscreen worked perfectly fine! There aren’t too many touchscreen mods out there that can boast that kind of durability. 

SMOK Morph 219W 

Coming out around the same time as the TF Sub-Ohm Tank, the Morph 219 is a standard dual battery mod with a 200W+ power ceiling and a sturdy box design. This is one of the earlier devices to feature touchscreen functionality but if a touchscreen is what you’re looking for than the Morph 219W will get the job done. 


SMOK Species 230W

Coming out as a successor to the highly popular SMOK Alien, this new Species is a different breed altogether. Powered by dual 18650 batteries for a max power output of 230W and coming with all the modern features you love like Temperature Control, intelligent atomizer recognition, and more. With all the great features of the Species 230W it seems like adding a touchscreen was just a nice bonus from SMOK.

SMOK G-Priv 2 + G-Priv 3

G-Priv has been one of SMOK’s flagship luxury mods since the inception of the line. Built with big HD screens and featuring robust design specifications for the discerning vaper. The G-Priv 3 improves on the 2 series with an updated IQ-G Chipset as well as upgraded firmware customization options. Now you can easily set custom displays and color schemes through the device’s large touchscreen menus. 

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