SMOK TFV16 Review, The Most Powerful Sub-Ohm Tank Ever!


SMOK TFV16 Review, The Most Powerful Sub-Ohm Tank Ever!

SMOK is back at it again, this time they’ve released an update to the world’s best selling Sub-Ohm tank! This latest tank is called the King TFV16, a massive beast of a tank that takes sub-ohm vaping to a competition level. I’m sure that's been said of Sub-Ohm tanks in the past, but this tank is seriously a viable competitor to RDA’s in vape competitions. But I have to wonder, as I’m vaping this insanely powerful tank, has SMOK gone too far this time? I'm all for giving consumers more bang for their buck, but this is like selling a Prius driver a Bugatti!  



In this review I’ll give you the world's first hands on look at the new SMOK TFV16 tank, if you’re a fan of high wattage sub-ohm vaping you’ll definitely want to check this tank out.

The Looks

Unfortunately, since I’m using an early release sample tank, I can’t say too much about the looks. I have a basic version with stainless steel coloring and a very chic red marble resin drip tip. What I can say about this tank, however, is that it’s a BIG BOY.

SMOK TFV16 Glamor

It comes with a HUUGE extended bubble glass tube so you can fit up to 9mL of E-liquid at a time. With how high the wattage goes on the TFV16 coils you’re going to need ever mL you can get! The base diameter is 28mm so make sure you have a big enough mod to mount this behemoth onto. For reference, it fits very snugly atop my YiHi SXmini SL Class with maybe a micron or two of overhang.  

SMOK TFV16 Top Fill

Refills are a breeze with SMOK’s locking twist to open fill ports. Simply press the lock button and swivel the cap counterclockwise to expose the fill port. Thanks to its press to open locking top cap, your tank is more secure from children and household pets. It’s an often overlooked safety feature, but I think it’s one that most people are glad to have.

How it Works

I’m really not sure how to describe just how well this tanks works without sounding like I’m advertising it. I mean I’ve used just about every Sub-Ohm tank on the market and I work for a vaping company, so I’m not exactly unbiased.

From the Freemax Mesh Pro and the DotMod DotTank, to the Brunhilde RTA and more, its safe to say I’ve experienced all the best that vaping has to offer. In all that time I have NEVER come across another tank that performs as well as the TFV16. I’m able to pull bigger clouds and more flavor out of my vape juice than I have with any other tank before. SMOK even extended the height of the tank base so they could fit wider airflow slots.


To give you an idea of what I’m talking about here, let me go over the Wattage ratings they give their coils. The standard single mesh coil that comes included with the tank is rated for 120W. That's their standard coil! The even have a dual mesh coil that's rated for usage up to 160W! Clearly SMOK is taking a bold stance with this new TFV Tank.

This might be the first non rebuildable tank I’ve ever seen that's designed specifically for veteran and professional vapers!

But don’t let that intimidate you, if you’re more of a sub 100W vaper they also have a triple mesh coil option. Although I should mention, that one is rated for best use at 90W.

TFV16 SMOK Coils

A word of warning though, this tank blasts through E-Liquid like its nothing. That's part of the tradeoff when you start vaping at higher wattages. Sure you might get a much bigger cloud, a more satisfying hit, and fantastic flavor with 100W+ vaping but that comes at the expense of your E-Liquid.

The Verdict

I’ve been doing these product reviews more frequently now and this section is still the hardest part for me. Obviously, I recommend most of the products I review for a wide variety of reasons. Because most tanks and devices are geared towards beginner to moderate level vapers, I tend to give them a little more leeway in terms of the users I think will enjoy those devices.

But with the TFV16 I have to add a word of caution to the inexperienced vapers out there. If you already have a TFV12 and you want to get a TFV16 because you think its a newer version of that same great platform you’d be very wrong. This new TFV16 tank goes far beyond what any Sub-Ohm tank on the market is currently capable of and should not be taken lightly. I would say, for the best experience possible, you should only use this tank with dual battery 180W+ capable mods.


Now let me take off my nanny gloves and get real with you veteran vapers. This tank provides some serious power and more performance capability than I’ve ever seen in a production sub-ohm tank. If you’re looking for a tank that can replace your RDA’s and RTA’s, in terms of flavor and cloud production, then you’ve got to check out this new TFV16 Sub-Ohm tank from SMOK.  


What do you think of SMOK tanks? Do you prefer lower or higher wattage vaping and why? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 


EDIT: I feel the need to put out a PSA on this tank since I'm noticing, like most SMOK coils, there's a bit of inconsistency in the manufacturing process. If you install a new TFV16 coil but it's not firing, take a look at the base of the coil structure. A copper/brass ring at the bottom of the coil is supposed to make contact with the raised contact pins inside the tank base, but sometimes it's installed to tightly and doesn't connect.

To solve this simply get a pair of tweezers or use your fingernail to pull downward on that connection ring, it only needs to be adjusted by a millimeter or so. Hopefully that solves any issues you might have! 


  • Posted on by lex

    Myself and my friend each bought a smok tfv16 kit. We’ve each owned at least 20 tanks in the past year as we vape quite a lot. the “goes through a lot of juice” is an understatement. it puts out comparable cloud to firelukes and tfv12 kings. i wouldn’t recommend unless you’re willing to use a full tank of juice for a sub hour vape sesh

  • Posted on by Durgham

    what is the replacement glass size, the diameter and the high, and if any list or database contains all tanks spics

  • Posted on by Finvaper

    Your review is spot on. Ive been using this tank few days with dual mesh coils and this tank certainly offer all the vapo you can handle, at 120w 3sec puff will choke you and make literally cloud sized puffs. Its very smooth and the flavora are super strong and accurate. If you make your own juice you can probably use little less flavor liquid than normally. The flavor is really sharp. Draw is very smooth and airflow perfect. Its the most advanced coils and tank on the market. I have perfectly built wotofo profile, pyrov2, rebirth rda, drop rda, freemax mesh pro and many many other sub ohm and buildables. But i will tell you honestly smok tfv16 takes the cake. No spitback, no dryhit. Dual mesh coil is very anti dryhit by the design just look at the saturation holes basicly cover all the area of the mesh. This is king monster tank. It go thru juice very very fast, but i noticed tfv16 has the most satisfying hit of all attys. It give surprisingly quick nicotine fix this is good if you are a fresh quiter. I love this tank and the dual mesh coils.

  • Posted on by Darrius

    This is a very interesting tank. The first day I got it, I could tell the difference between the Prince and the King. Im calling it the King because it really produces KING clouds and the flavor is amazing. SMOK really made me change my whole outlook on the Smoke tank lineup with this one. Im looking forward to seeing how long the coil last and which one I like the most. Vaping this tank while driving is definitely is a NO NO.

  • Posted on by Heidi

    I have several Big Baby tanks, 2 Prince tanks and a couple baby prince tanks. I have many mods and set ups as I make my own juice. I’m not a fan of the baby prince tanks but have had no issues with the others. Prefer the Prince tanks and will definitely check this one out. I also have a couple of Freemax FireLuke w/mesh coils and they are also performing very well. Thank you for your input on this new tank. I would probably use the triple mesh as I only have a couple of juices that I prefer to vape at >100watt

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