We Are EightVape: Vaping, Venom, and Tom Hardy


The Venom movie, starring everyone's favorite Vaper, Venom (and Bane) himself, Sir Tom Hardy, just released this past weekend. OK, so he's not actually a "Sir," but damn that's a regal man. Starring as the charismatic, smooth-talking Eddie Brock, our anti-hero is accidentally bonded with an enigmatic symbiote of a alien descent brought from space by a shady medical and scientific research company. Throughout the transformation Eddie finds himself overcome with a newfound confidence, while his sanity deteriorates in the struggle for control. Chaos ensues as Eddie and Venom achieve symbiosis in a fight for humanity... and journalistic integrity.

First It Starts With Your Mouth, Then Your Lungs...

In honor of this historic panel-to-screen odyssey, EightVape wants to achieve symbiosis with you. We have some products that we think you'll like, perfect for fans of this movie. 

Time To Vape Up Some Carnage

This one is a deep dive for the comic book fans. For the stylish spirits out there with a dark side, you like your mod to match your personality. Bold. Fierce. Powerful. If you've ever felt out of this world, maybe you are something else entirely. Hone your powers with the VO Tech x USV VIA240 Mod.

The VIA240 is lightweight and sleek. Moving freely on-the-go. On fire, the mod boasts a powerful 240W output. Massive energy, gargantuan clouds. This mod is accented by its unique designs. Of another Species, much like yourself, it takes on the appearance of a sprawling creature. Monstrous in appearance to the human eye, but full of wild potential. Splendid chaos, built into an imaginative package, the likes of which have never been seen before. You see its beauty. Others only see its Carnage.

(For a more Venom-like appearance, try out the VIA240 evil genie variant design, the Jinn)


"Vaking News: Age of The Synoptic"

They've landed. The new world is almost here. They're spreading, hiding in plain site. Hidden away in pockets, showing themselves only when needed. When they take form, they all hold different shades, but share the same streamlined form. Embrace the change. The SMOK Alien 220W Kits are here to take over.

Black, blue, spotted, camouflaged, the SMOK Alien 220W Kits have many variants to choose from. Bound to find th right host. With a fully equipped user controls suite, this symbiote is under your thumb. You have the reigns over this compact setup. From its stealthy, side-firing button, to its 200-600F temperature control, and even down to its upgradeable firmware.

If that's not enough for you, this kit also comes with the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank. 22mm diameter. 3ml e-juice capacity. Equipped with your choice of a V8 Baby Q2 Dual Coil Head, or the V8 Baby T8 Octuple Coil Head. An eight-legged beast ready to envelope the world in its vapor, no wonder Spider-Man is threatened. Speaking of old Spidey...

Spidey Jam, Vape On True Believers

There's a hero from Queens, NYC. The Big Apple. Hero to some at least. Foe to others.

Humans fear what they don't know, especially that Spider-Man. The symbiote tried to bond with him, but it didn't quite work like it did with our guy Eddie. He tried to get down, get funky, get loose. Instead he just went down, got lost. Spidey wasn't quite down with the Space Jambut we managed to pull something quite good from the pairing.

Fresh cherries for a fruit, mouthwatering drip. Crisp, lemon-lime citrus to zest up the flavor. Red and black out-of-this-world aesthetics highlight this juice that could have come from nowhere other than: The Terrasphere.

Even Eddie Eviscerates With The Vape

Tom Hardy knows what's up. Symbiotes need a clean body to work with. A mind full of potential that is spry enough to keep up with the hunt for more. The thirst from power and greatness. The desire to form a better world.

Why would it harm itself with fire from smoke, toxic carcinogens that only bring harm to the perfect lifeform. Follow Sir Tom Hardy and join the vaping fold.

Stabilizing. Symbiosis complete. We. Are. EightVape.

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