Vapes-Giving 2020 Contest Entries


Vapes-Giving 2020 Contest Entries

We're happy to present to you the entries for our Vapes-Giving 2020 contest. Participants were instructed to let us know what Thanksgiving dish would make the best vape juice and why. If you would like to know how you can enter, and what you could win, head over here and get started. If you're just here to see other entries, please comment your favorites in the comment section below to help us decide our winners. 

Harry Burdine
In my opinion a nice holiday orchard crumble would make an outstanding vape juice. Just think about all the layers of sweet pears, juicy and tart apples, rich blackberries, and to round it off a touch of peach and apricot.. All topped with a lightly cinnamoned crumble top with a dab of whipped cream. 
As for the why.. Did you not read that..? it sounds simply wonderful.. It is the kind of juice you couldn't wait to just sit down and vape your face off.. The kind of juice that would make your mouth water just thinking about it being in your favorite device... The kind of juice you would sit and count off the days until it arrives in your mailbox or local vape shop. I'm actually kind of surprised, with all the other desert flavors on the market currently, no one else has bottled this particular blend of heaven.. 

Vickie Brown

Good Day, I would like to enter your exciting contest, please.  The best Thanksgiving Food Vape’s Vape 2020  contest would naturally have to be pecan pie only with the pecans chopped up so the flavor is more and the chopped pecans can be pushed down a bit making room for more chopped pecans in the pie. When I say pecan pie I mean PECAN pie not just a whiff of pecans. Let’s make it a REAL pecan-pecan pie. 

Thank you.

Most Happy Thanksgiving p with a real pecan-pecan pie

Andrew Grignon
My meal / vape idea includes a frosty strawberry malt, choice of blueberry, apple or pumpkin pie (heated in the microwave) with whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream. Deep fried turkey smothered in my moms homemade gravy, as well as scratch stuffing and mashed potatoes. Pillsbury twisty rolls engulfed in butter. 

Patricia Bowe
My entry for best Thanksgiving juice would be Sweet Potato Pie.  This is my favorite dessert on Thanksgiving. Yummy sweet  juice would be flavor layers of baked sweet potato custard pie with melted, browned marshmallows, drizzled with a hint of caramel and finished with fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. 

Happy Turkey Day!

Michael Baca
The best Thanksgiving food that makes the best liquid would have to be pumpkin pie cause it's sooooooo delicious and I love it but can't seem to find a good one and suck that pumpkin pie is only seasonal I want it every day every week every month 😜

Misty Davis
Strawberry pleasure …. strawberries, cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, a hint of lemon,  buttery vanilla wafer crust…. decadent dessert…. savory roasted Turkey and cornbread dressing with sage and thyme, topped with chilled jellied cranberry sauce…makes my senses delight.

Amanda Winslet
I think iced cranberry tea would be an awesome flavor! It's something my grandmother used to always make at the holidays and you drink it cold OR you can warm it! I like it warm but as a vape flavor I think it would be great with a bit of menthol! Have a great and safe holiday and get stuffed! LoL 

Chocolate Pecan Pie with Whipped Cream!


Cushaw Pie with Vanilla Bean Custard Sauce 

The cushaw is a winter squash that originates from mesoamarica.  Cushaw pie is a southern staple after Thanksgiving dinner dessert.
The vape blend is a delightful pumpkin spice on the inhale with a vanilla custard, candied pecans on the exhale.
Vape your Holiday dessert!
Available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg
100 ml and 120ml
Eight vape members enjoy a special 10 percent discount by entering code tomturkey at checkout.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Harold Barnes

Aubin White

11/19/2020 - 11/30/2020



Grandma's Southern Yams:

A combination of oven baked candied yams infused with melted butter, sweet brown sugar, and drizzled with fire roasted marshmallows.

Based on a recipe that has been passed down through the years generation to generation to be prepared for Thanksgiving every year and now has been executed into the vape industries most delicious vape by Ohm Drippin' to enjoy at any time of the year!

Primary Flavors:
Candid Yams, Pecans, Butter, Brown Sugar, Marshmallow

PG/VG Ratio:

Nicotine Availability:

Ashley Holt
Are you tired of having to heat up all those leftovers?
Are you tired of having to do dishes?
What if I tell you that you can get all those amazing thanksgiving flavors without having to dirty a single dish?

Well, it’s Thanksgiving Ring juice. All the amazing flavors of thanksgiving in one bottle.

Herb roasted turkey, Buttery Mashed Potatoes, Luscious gravy, and Sweet cranberry sauce all wrapped in a buttery, flaky crescent roll. What other juice would you need to satisfy your Thanksgiving cravings?

Chevelle Oliveira
Candied Yams with marshmallow flavor would be a cool flavor because it has that sweetness to it. I feel candy yams would go better thank any turkey or stuffing! 
Bottle design: orange and white wrapper with marshmallows and yams on it! 

Kellie Deveraux
Alright now one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the cranberry sauce , I know what you're thinking...that can shaped blob of sugar and gelatin- No. I'm talking fresh cranberries cooked in a mixture of orange juice, apple juice, with a chunk of ginger and a dash of lemon juice... perfectly tart, sweet, and zesty.

Noelle Polak
Alright now one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the cranberry sauce , I know what you're thinking...that can shaped blob of sugar and gelatin- No. I'm talking fresh cranberries cooked in a mixture of orange juice, apple juice, with a chunk of ginger and a dash of lemon juice... perfectly tart, sweet, and zesty.

Mike King
Sweet potato casserole
- sweet potato
- marshmallow
- pecan
- vanilla
- hint of vanilla

I make this every year and everyone goes wild over it. I actually have to make extra batches to send home to all my friends.

Dillon Campbell
Sweet potatoes and toasted marshmallows. Savory sweet flavor profile. Would most likely produce a really smooth hit.

Oliver Evans
I think cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, any pie would be great

Wesley Thompson
The obvious answer is pumpkin pie flavored vape juice.  Please use real pumpkin seeds to ensure it increases sperm count.


Jay Bo

Maggie Walton
I think a sweet potato flavor would make a great vape juice flavor. When you add brown sugar and butter and marshmallows and it all melts into the sweet potatoes and melts in your mouth. 
And then pumpkin pie. What is thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? I really wanna try a vape juice that has a pumpkin pie flavoring. I would vape pumpkin pie all year round if I could. I mean eat. 
I have one more. Cranberry sauce. One of the best thanksgiving sides. Not too sweet not too tart. And I’ve never seen a cranberry flavored vape juice. I would wanna try it.

Nicole Lackey
I believe Watergate salad would be Awesome because of the smooth pistachio pudding with fresh pineapple & juice, fluffy marshmallows, fresh nuts and cool whip. That’s the best part of thanksgiving!

Aiden Sowers
A cranberry-apple and cream, I've yet to taste a cranberry flavored juice, but I've had apple, and mixed. With a subtle hint of cream added into it I think it would make an amazing vape juice.

Robert Hughan
The Thanksgiving Vape that I would create is the greatest Thanksgiving food ever...Turkey and yams. It would have that incredible Turkey flavor on the inhale and the sweet, delicious flavor of yams/brown sugar/marshmallow on the exhale. You dont get a better combination then that. I am sure that it would be a vape favorite.

Rhonda Thompson
Marshmallow sweet potato juice

Casey LeighLa
Screw pumpkin spice. Give me some hot apple cider with a hint of ginger. It'll take an already lighter option to a fall favorite, but the ginger will liven it up and make it dance on your taste buds. It's like being wrapped in a warm hug, and then slapped in the face with a cup of cold water. 

Josh Hegwood

Notes of the Harvest: Delight your taste buds with this flavor rich and comfort filled taste of Autumn! Crisp but sweet apples mesh with the robust flavors of cinnamon and brown sugar, topped off with the always satisfying flavor of cream with just a hint of vanilla and caramel. Vape on through the holidays!

Casey Lyn
In my family, we always have a strawberry pretzel salad for Thanksgiving. I think it would be amazing to vape it! It's fruity, sweet, and a little salty. It has a pretzel crust. In the middle is almost like a cheesecake. Then topped off with strawberry jello with strawberries. You can then top it off with cool whip if you like. It really is amazing!
Thanks for the chance! 

Anna Pomeroy
Ordinarily, I would suggest a sweet potato or a cranberry salad, both of which would make amazing vapes on their own; however, because the pandemic has wreaked havoc on most of our lives, I would conjure up a magnificent blend of approximately 40%,  cranberry with a slight undercurrent of spicy orange zest and granny smith apple for a warmth above and some sour cream for a chilled sensation above also. Then, I  would add approximately  40% sweet potato, heavy on the brown, cinnamon sugar and lots of rich, ĺ
creamy butter for a nice sweet sensation below.  
I would name this splendid creation "Lockdown" in honor of the Collins dictionary word of the year.  The cranberry salad with sour cream portion of this vape matches the frustration associated with this word and all the troubles it implies.  The sweet potato portion of this vape will envision the sweet, lazy days one is able to achieve without effort or guilt during the period of lockdown.  
The two blends together will invoke the happy, comfortable, family time of Thanksgiving with so many yummy flavors to try..  
If you are truly decadent you could add a succulent, moist, fried turkey flavor, completely invoking the joys of Thanksgiving.  
The bottle without the turkey will be a red glass  with a label fashioned in the shape of a sweet potato. The one with the turkey would be the color of luminescent, white meat in the shape of a surrealistic turkey with red and  pink crossed labels with the name running downward diagonally from right to left with the ingredients running upwardly diagonal from right to left.  Both bottles will have easy flip tops with a push down child lock. 
I am also considering developing a green bean casserole flavor,, but I'm not sure how it would be possible to mimic Durkee onions.  
Thanks for giving me a chance to share some of the flavors I have envisioned.  They are all pure, made only from natural ingredients.
By the way, my flavors are limited editions,  made only for Thanksgiving 2020.

Alex Veney
Mash potatoes!
Here me out... just think of vaping a creamy, buttery, salty sour cream potato taste 

Kristy Betz
Kristy & William Betz signing up for entry. We was buying all the time from you till our juices became unavailable. Hope they are restocked soon.

Asia Jamison
Cranberry sauce
Buttery roll with honey
Ambrosia salad
Pecan pie
Sweet potatoes/marshmallow 
Apple crisp

Brandon San Diego
Pumpkin Custard
EightVape's apple cider, cranberry sauce/apple cider, pecan pie with whipped clouds in the sky, candied yams with marshmallows 
Cornbread with cranberry relish, pumpkin roll

Yeimary Maisonet
Hi, here is my entry for the November giveaway 🙋. What flavor of thanksgiving do I think would be good for an ejuice? first thing I thought about desserts. Yes, what better than a dessert full of flavor along with the joy of creating special moments in these end of the year festivities ?. The first idea I came up with was: freshly baked cranberry pie. but I don't know, it doesn't ask to think about how that would taste in an eliquid🤔. With what suddenly came to mind one of the most classic and tasty desserts in my country Puerto Rico The one so called: Coquito (cold creamy drink) and yes, the idea of ​​being able to vape one of my favorite desserts, I found it incredible. and I am filled with nostalgia😊. It would be a happy memory every time you use it. (the cream and coconut milk, along with the vanilla brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon) (btw: sometimes is made with rum and others just Without, i like both versions) would be an explosion of magnificent flavors in an eliquid. I think many would love this. is the definition of sharing, celebrating, and remembering great times. thank you for the opportunity of this giveaway, I will be looking forward to the results. I hope I am lucky 🤞 it is the first time that I participate in a giveaway here. but I had already bought and commented on your page several times, I love your prices and speed for shipping 👌
I wanted to be a bit creative and competitive and try to make an example of more or less what my vision of an eliquid with Christmas airs, joy and flavor would be like (I'm not good at this, first time I try to do it but .. .I had fun trying to put the idea of ​​😁.

Nikolas Stankovic
Brown sugar and bourbon glazed pecans
Maple brown sugar chest nut brittle
Warm cinnamon caramel apple cider
Butterscotch raisin dates bread pudding or baked custard 🍮

Peter Lizotte
Pumpkin pie flavor 

Angela Williams
Flavors of delight for the turkey season are as follows
All the flavors of the season in one yummy vaping bottle
Cinnamon Applesauce
Pumpkin spiced rum
Apple pie ala mode
Caramel drizzle
Whipped apple spice
Peppermint bliss
Rum raisin
Vanilla nutmeg cookie

Tiffany Sheets
Introducing CORNICOPIA!! 
Cornicopia a delightful desert spread of candied marshmallow yam tangy sweet apple and touch of cinnamon pumpkin pie on the inside sure   to round out that turkey days edge
It Keeps on Givin like Thanksgivin'!
I was trying to think of something different marketable and totally vapable and that wreaked of fall flavors. Cornicopia came to mind being that it means horn of plenty. This liquid has plenty of flavors to remind me of Thanksgiving. This has the fall edge and turkey day vibe people might enjoy. I took something bland for the bottle but enough to know what your getting inside and enough of a mystery for someone to go hmmm what's that but so full of flavors that mesh well together for fall and Thanksgiving. People really like different and I think this takes it up a notch. Not same old same old but bold and different. I asked five of my friends and five of them said they would try it so maybe you'll give it a cloud or two?
The bottle is explained in the image below a 100 ml bottle with a basic logo design in that it is bland but catchy while still appealing to the eyes n tastebuds! I had fun building this one thanks for the chance to enter. I loved making this concept! Happy Thanksgiving everyone stay safe and blessed!

Johnny D
I thank a jellied cranberry sauce juice would be great.  It's also kind of a staple of Thanksgiving feast

Doug Mate
The vape juice(s) for Thanksgiving I would have to approach as multiple (appetizer, main course, then dessert.) 
The appetizer would consist of deviled eggs, nix the standard pickle relish and go straight for Jalapeno relish ( sweet or plain) this will be a good introduction into the overall meal. Now onto the main course I'm going to go with an uncured ham that's been brined for 3 weeks to ensure it remains moist during the smoke. Smoke the ham over pecan wood and then as the cook time nears completion make a brown sugar and chipotle powder glaze. For desert I will close out the meal  with a blueberry and raspberry hello with whipped cream or a pumpkin spiced rice crispy treats with milk and dark chocolate drizzle.

Ryan Leonard
Caramel drizzled Pumpkin spice coffee cake a-la-mode

Dennis Jay
My bottle of Thanksgiving vape juice would be Thanksgiving dinner and the flavors would be... on the inhale you would get the hint of fried turkey on the exhale the hint of seasoned stuffing on your tongue the quickly the taste of buttered mashed potatoes with a hint of turkey gravy... finally the light sweetness of cranberry sauce finishes your exhale... your lips will have the taste of a Thanksgiving dinner... then after vaping 10mls of it you will find a couch loosen your belt and have a after dinner nap.... mmmm all sounds good to me.

Alberta Le
Pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie would be great

Brain Elliott
It would be cool if you made one called Spiked PUNCH. It should be mixed with fruit punch and whiskey. It would be sweet with a whiskey after taste. 
I would like to have a yam and marshmallows.  That would be a good after dinner smoke. Call it sweet-potato casserole.  Yummy!!!!!

Phil Birkhimer
Salted Caramel-Apple Pie Ala Mode!

This makes me drool just thinking about it.  First, the delicate flaky, buttery crust, browned to perfection hits your lips.  Then the gooey apple and decadent salted caramel filling bathes your taste buds in deliciousness.  Cool smoothness from the French vanilla ice cream washes over you.  The hint of brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg hits you on the exhale, and you can't wait for the next bite, mmmmm  I mean vape...


Brenda Hubbard
   I love cranberry bread!!  Obviously the cranberries, but also has orange zest and orange juice in the recipe.. with chopped nuts!! Very good


Craig Magitz
I would love to try a juice that tasted like the candied sweet potato and toasted marshmallows that my mom makes. The sweetness of the potatoes and brown sugar on the inhale and the toasted marshmallows on the exhale. I would definitely try it


Lily Webster
Cranberry sauce! Now I'm not taking about that canned stuff, although I know a lot of people are into that kinda thing. I mean home made flavors. Tart cranberries, sugar, orange and just a drizzle of honey! A flavor that will make your tastebuds zing! A perfect palate cleanser, tasty side or an all day dessert vape.

Louis Dau
The bottle will have a 3 way split with 3 heads. The first side will be the appetizer and will have the flavor of a charcuterie plate with pepper jack cheese, crackers and honey butter. The second side will be the main entrée flavor of deep fried turducken with mash and stuffing. The third side will be dessert with pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream. That’s not it, if you combine the juices you will get the full course meal with one puff. You will first taste the delicious cheese and crackers then will change to the deep fried turducken and will end with a sweet taste of pumpkin and vanilla.

Mitchell Walker
Pumpkin Pie

Melody Gilbert
I would love to see some flavors with cinnamon and nutmeg!!!! Mix it almost like a sweet potato pie!!!! The smell and taste will take your customers back to their child hood in the south!!!!! 


Lilly Webster
I already know everyone is going to say pumpkin pie is the best but pecan pie is where it's at! A little salty, a lot of sweet, super nutty and just a hint of crust. This vape juice would be perfect with your breakfast coffee, as a dessert or even an all day vape!

Nathaniel Mahoney
In my opinion, stuffing is by far the best thanksgiving food. You can never go wrong. No matter how you make it, it’s always great! 


Wesley Lawson
 Cranberry sauce it’s of my fav  stuffing dressing.

Shree Kemp
Cranberry salad would make a yummy Vape flavor. 
Pistachio pudding would make a great vape juice flavor.
Pistachio with pineapple, coconut and with/without marshmallows. My very favorite pie ever... Strawberry rhubarb pie!!  It could be either strawberry rhubarb alone without pie crust for a fruity flavor Or Strawberry rhubarb pie with a pie crust like flavor for a dessert flavor.


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