Uwell Caliburn KOKO Review


Uwell Caliburn KOKO Review

The Uwell Caliburn has been one of the best selling pod devices in recent history, so it comes as no surprise that Uwell would revisit the design of it. The Caliburn KOKO is coming out on the heels of a few mini-square style pod devices that beat it to market. I think it falls right into the same category as pod devices like the VooPoo Drag Nano, the JUUL compatible OVNS JC01 and JC02, and the SMOK MICO. But how does it work compared to those pod devices?

Uwell KOKO

Well I just grabbed one off of the shipping pallet we just received so I could find out for you!

The Looks

Built with the same subtle designs you’ve come to know and love from Uwell, the KOKO takes a modernist approach to the design. It looks like the ridged side grip points from the original Caliburn are making an appearance on the KOKO. They add a nice highlight to the square design of the pod chassis and add a comfortable corner to hold the device from. This pod is built with a super lightweight aluminum shell that's mostly matte with glossy lettering. 

I think the approach of making the pod color the same as the lettering was an interesting design choice that pays off. It gives the device a chic minimalistic look. Not to mention how deep and rich the colorways are, I have the blue version and pictures don’t do the hue justice at all. I’m a big fan of simple pod designs and I think the KOKO hits all the right spots. 

Like most of these square-shaped mini pod devices, the KOKO comes equipped with a cutaway corner designed for a lanyard attachment point. Unlike some of the other square pods, the KOKO pod kit comes with a shiny metal chain to attach to your pod. That’s a nice change from the super cheap cotton and synthetic lanyards you usually get with these products.

How it Works

If you liked the original Caliburn you’re going to love the KOKO! I mean it’s compatible with the original Caliburn pods so you might not even need to buy spares if you have a few laying around. The flavor coming out of these pods is fantastic, I would say it’s way better than the SMOK Trinity Alpha which was my pick for best pod device a few months ago. But fantastic flavor is only half of the draw for me, the other half is the draw-activated firing!

The KOKO is powered by a built-in 520mAh battery, not quite enough for multi-day vaping but with Nic Salts in it you should be good vaping the KOKO for a full day. The pod only fits about 2mL of E-Liquid per fill but it utilizes a simple top fill port under the top so you can fill it on the go pretty easily. Unlike some of the other pod devices on the market, the KOKO comes equipped with a smart chipset, namely the Uwell Bein Chip. That means your KOKO pod device has the same safety features as a full-sized mod, including short-circuit, low power, and over vape protections. 

The one thing I think Uwell messed up on with the KOKO is the charger port placement. There’s a mini USB port on the bottom corner of the device, so you can’t charge the pod without having it sitting on its side. Which I’ll fully admit, as far as problems go, that’s more of a weird user preference that I have while charging devices than a serious issue with that device. 

The Verdict  

While I am starting to get a little tired of pod devices, I think we’ve seen well over 50 different devices launch in the past 12 months, the Uwell Caliburn KOKO comes as an acceptable upgrade to me. It’s well built and well designed, featuring a nice sturdy lanyard and cross-device compatibility with the Caliburn Pods. Since it comes with the Caliburn pods you already know the flavor is gonna be fantastic, and the pods last about 1.5 to 2 weeks so it’s fairly economical as far as the pod cartridges go. 

I really like the wearable lanyard, as gimmicky as it is, and the compact design makes it easy to carry in a pocket if lanyards aren’t your thing. The rich colors and subtle logos seem to project an air of confidence for this device, almost like an apple product. I think its a good look and it goes a long way towards making this little pod look like a high-tech smart device. 

If you’re in the mood for a new pod device and you want something that’s a little more well built than the competition, check out the Uwell Caliburn KOKO!  


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