A Uwell Aeglos vape device in front of a medieval animated background.

Named after the legendary elven weapon from Lord of the Rings, the Aeglos pod mod kit quickly finds its own place in Uwell's legacy. Staying true to its predecessors like the Caliburn G pod device, the Valyrian pod device, and the KOKO Prime pod device, the Aeglos is designed with technology and convenience in mind. It's also not too bad to look at. Let's break down the visuals and mechanics of this highly-anticipated new pod mod kit.

Five Uwell Aeglos vape pod kits displayed in 5 colors.

First things first: Uwell has designed five gorgeous color schemes for the Aeglos. The elegant gold may be the first to catch your eye, or maybe a more subtle black or grey would suit the more discreet vape user.

A Uwell Aeglos vape with text describing its technical specifications.

Constructed from aluminum alloy and PCTG plastic, the Uwell Aeglos is built to last and durable enough to withstand drops and falls from a reasonable height. Notice the pod mod's sleek and portable size and weight, then check out its juice capacity and wattage range. That's right - this tiny vape device holds up to 3.5ml of e-liquid and is capable of between 5-60W, due to the internal 1500mAh battery that powers it.

An exploded view of the Uwell Aeglos vape where all pieces are visible.

Now, on to the technology. Perhaps the most desired feature on the Aeglos is its Type-C port - known to power a device from dead to a full charge in half the time of other USB cables. The Type-C cable is included in your kit, so you can reach a full charge and begin use in just an hour and won't have to stress about battery life for a full day.

The 0.96-inch OLED screen offers high-definition stats and customizable settings, as well as a puff counter. Each inhale lasting one second or more is counted as one "puff". This is an invaluable tool for vape users who are trying to monitor their usage so they can slow down and eventually quit smoking.

Let's see what that adjustable airflow ring is for.

An overhead view of the Aeglos vape, displaying its internal airflow ring.

If you remove the Uwell Aeglos' e-liquid pod, you'll find an adjustable airflow ring within the mod. This piece can be turned 90 degrees to switch the device between MTL and DTL. This is a prime example of Uwell's dedication to creating devices that allow the user to have maximum control of their experience.

A CGI image of the inside of a Uwell Aeglos Pod device with text to the left.

Undoubtedly the most impressive bit of technology on the Aeglos is its patented self-cleaning technology. No need to worry about wasting juice, leaking, or even cleaning the device. As condensation builds within, the Aeglos absorbs juice particles and vaporizes them for user inhalation.

Speaking of e-liquid and inhaling, let's examine the Aeglos pods.

A 2-step guide to refilling the Uwell Aeglos pods.

The Uwell Aeglos pods consist of a drip tip mouthpiece and the filling compartment beneath it. By simply removing the drip tip, the pod can be filled with up to 3.5 milliliters of vape juice in, making the process fast and mess-free.

2 vape coils used for the Uwell Aeglos pod mod kit and text beneath.

The Aeglos is compatible with two coils. Use the 0.23ohm UN2 Meshed-H coil for a smoother hit and use the 0.8ohm for more intense flavor and larger cloud production. Your kit comes complete with both coils, and Uwell Aeglos replacement coils will always keep your device running smoothly.


Ready to experience the  Aeglos pod mod kit for yourself? Want to learn more? Check out with your new vape kit or check out this review.



  • Posted on by Timothy Calef
    Just the opposite I have all colors and all of them work fine no problems but always a risk one may be faulty you should’ve atheist been able to send it back to manufacturer for a replacement
  • Posted on by melody quinlan
    seemed like a decent device with decent flavor and cloud production but as soon as you charge by the 3rd time for me …blank screen no more usage, pack of coils money wasted and no resolve from eight vape to replace shortly after purchase. Buyer beware buy only if you have money to toss. These guys could care less, not ok

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