Top 5 Reasons to Try Emergency Vape Stash


Top 5 Reasons to Try Emergency Vape Stash

Maybe you haven't heard of Emergency Vape Stash e-liquids, or maybe you're on the hunt for a new vape flavor to test out. In either case, I'm here to help. No matter what your flavor palette prefers, Emergency Vape Stash has already developed an e-liquid with you in mind.

From breakfast juices to custard, dessert, sweet, and even a few unique creations, Emergency Vape Stash will impress you with their selection. All of these 120ml vape juices are available in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels, and are divided into two collections: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. 

Here are my top 5 reasons that Emergency Vape Stash will help you find your next favorite flavor.

5. Because You Love Breakfast Vape Juices

Some people are breakfast lovers, no matter what time of day. So whether you reach for your vape first thing in the morning or you're the type of person that snacks on cereal before bed, you're going to want a good breakfast vape juice on-hand. The first juice that comes to mind in Emergency Vape Stash's Vol. 1 collection is Strawberry Milk - a creamy-soft base with top notes of juicy strawberries.

Additionally, Sugary Graham Cracker offers real morning meal vibes, with plenty of sweetness. It reminds me of crunchy cinnamon cereal with just a touch of sugar sprinkled on top.

4. The Custard E-Liquid Trend Will Never Die

If the vape trends of the past few years have proven anything, it's that sometimes there's just nothing better than the thick, creamy goodness of a custard e-liquid. Emergency Vape Stash first introduced their Vanilla Custard vape juice, then followed it up with Strawberry Vanilla Custard in their Vol. 2 collection. Both offer the perfect balance of flavor profile simplicity and the indulgence of a dessert e-liquid. Speaking of dessert juices...

3. Dessert Juices are the Best Diet Hack

Anyone still staying strong with their New Year's diet plans? Sometimes you just want to give in to temptation and treat yourself to something decadent - and dessert vape juices let you treat yourself all day long. Maybe it's the East Coast in me, but cheesecake is without doubt the ultimate dessert - from the sweet crust to the creamy center to the fruit topping. Emergency Vape Stash offers two irresistible dessert juices that let me reminisce in the tastes of my homeland whenever I want. Blueberry Cheesecake is the more traditional go-to option, but Lemon Cheesecake from Vol. 2 is a fantastic blend of creamy and citrus flavors. Good luck choosing between them!

2. The Top Vape Juice Now Has Competition

Unless you've literally started vaping today, you're probably aware that blue raspberry flavors were one of the biggest vaping trends of 2020. Maybe it's the millennial obsession with nostalgia, but the tangy-sweet-sour candy sensation of a blue raspberry e-liquid is just too good to pass up. Emergency Vape Stash is the newest competitor in the ring, with both Blue Razz Slushie and Blue Razz Slushie On Ice in their juice arsenal. 

1. Seasonal Vape Juices are Trending in 2021

What is it about the weather changing that makes us crave certain flavors? The tail end of 2020 proved that seasonal vape flavors (like Pumpkin Spice in Autumn and coffee e-liquids in the colder temps) are a high-demand vape request. With summer just around the corner, Pink Lemonade by Emergency Vape Stash is going to be a huge hit. And for that summer carnival vibe, Caramel Green Apple is waiting for you. 


Like I said, no matter what your go-to flavor is or what new flavor you might be in the mood for, Emergency Vape Stash already knows what you want. Both collections explore all variety of flavor profiles, from classic custards to dreamy desserts. Let's just say, after filling my cabinet with these collections, I'm already hoping for a Vol. 3. 

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