Top 10 Online Vape Shops (Besides Us, Obviously)


While we like to toot our own horn about being the top-tier online vape retailer, its important to pay respect to the other big names in the online vape space. Today we are going to explore the top 10 online vape shops BESIDES And while COVID has stopped most of us in our tracks, these online shops have been working double-time to ensure we are all stocked up on our favorite products. Whether its shopping for hardware, juice, or disposables there are some great shops to choose from!



1.) Element Vape

Starting us off is a site you're probably familiar with already! Since 2013 Element Vape has been supplying us with great deals and an eclectic selection of products. What sets Element Vape apart from other online vape stores is their customer service and satisfaction. If there is anything wrong with your order or product they will do everything in their power to correct the situation (Which you can't say about a lot of other online vape shops).

  • Free shipping over $50
  • Wide range of latest products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Clearance deals
  • No clones

Be sure to stop by next time you're in the market for new vape gear!


2.) VaporDNA

Next up is another site you've probably visited already, VaporDNA! This site is a favorite among those involved within the vape community for a few different reasons but the first being advocacy. VaporDNA is heavily involved within the American Vaping Association and voicing opinions of the greater vape community. At least once a year politicians try and ban or limit the sale of vape products, this has come to be known as "Vapocalypses" within the industry. Being one of the largest online vape shops, VaporDNA is using their voice to let Washington D.C. know the people will not stand for vape bans. Thanks VaporDNA! 

  • Large selection of e-juice, devices, kits, and accessories
  • Quick to stock new products
  • Frequently have items on clearance

Take a peek at next time! 


3.) Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor is the next shop we'd like to highlight. Direct Vapor is truly your one-stop shop for anything vape related. With a wide ranging selection and all the top brands, Direct Vapor has absolutely everything you need to get started. Additionally, we really like the "Learn" tab of their site. This is a great resource for new and seasoned vapers alike such as their "Glossary" of vape terminology. Here you can find what that pesky acronym or feature actually means! Additionally we appreciate Direct Vapor because they are often one of the first sites to list brand new products, keeping all of us informed of the best of the best new vape gear! 

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 60 day warranty with free roundtrip shipping
  • 15 day return policy with no restocking fee
  • Price Match
  • No clones
  • "Learn" Section/Vape Glossary
  • Carries cannabis products
  • Sells CBD Products

Swing by to take a peek at their Vape Glossary and check out some new products!


4.) MyVPro

MyVPro is another one-stop-shop that has everything you could possibly be looking for. Carrying an up-to-date selection of the hottest vape products, MyVPro consistently has great prices and great service. Additionally, they also carry "Alternative" cannabis related products...a plus for those of us apart of both the vape & cannabis communities. Plus, if you sign up for their Prime Membership enjoy free priority shipping and exclusive offers!

  • Up-to-date selection of gear and accessories
  • Stock the hottest brands and products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Additional benefits for Prime members
  • Carries cannabis products

Head over to to check them out! 


5.) Flawless Vape Shop

Still looking for your All-Day-Vape flavor? Well Flawless Vape Shop has you covered! Carrying over 70+ brands of e-juice and their own "Flawless Line" you are SURE to find your new favorite flavor here.

  • Sells 70+ brands of e-juice
  • Cheap clearance sales
  • Have their own “Flawless” juice line
  • 24-48 hour shipping on orders

Drop by to find your new All-Day-Vape today!


6.) eLiquid

Looking for low-low prices? Head to! Always having blow out deals and sales, is the plug for a good steal. They even have an "Under $10" section for those of us needing that nicotine fix on a budget. They also carry various replacement coils, pods, and accessories!

  • Always running sales/promos
  • Shipping in 2-3 business days
  • Stock replacement coils & pods
  • Carries CBD Products

Take a peek at!


7.) ProVape

Next on our list is ProVape. While they carry a pletheroa of kits, mods, tanks, and accessories; disposables is really where ProVape shines. Carrying just about every brand of disposable, you are sure to find your favorites or new favorites here. Their clearance section is also extensive and offers some great deals. Additionally, CBD and cannabis products are sold here, making this a great one-stop-shop for all your needs!

  • Huge selections of disposables
  • CBD e-juices & accessories
  • 24-hour shipping on orders

Visit to see what the hype is about!

8.) eJuices is just that - a massive site carrying copious amounts juice. What sets this site apart from the rest is its search and filtering options. Unlike many other sites, you are able to sort products not just by brand but by flavor profile. This makes surfing the site a blast! Choose from all sorts of flavor categories such as Tobacco, Menthol, Dessert, Berry, Beverage, Fruit, Bakery, etc. This powerful search tool enables you to seek out flavors you enjoy while discovering new brands or juice lines. They also have a blog where they compare up to 5 juices at one time to get into the nitty gritty of exactly which one is for you.

  • Compare Top 5 similar flavors
  • Free shipping (qualifying orders)
  • 10% discount for newsletter subscribers
  • Customer service via phone/chat

Check out to find some new e-liquid!



9.) VaporFi

The next shop on our list is a bit unique in that they offer an extensive collection of their own product line of free-base juice and salt nicotine. But what sets VaporFi apart from the others is their "Custom E-Juice" offering. Choose from Free-base or Salt Nicotine and pick up to 3 flavors you'd like to add to your recipe. They also carry the industries top brands of mods, kits, juice, and accessories. Additionally, they offer free shipping on orders over $65 and international shipping. 

  • Create your own E-Jucie recipe
  • Free shipping on order over $65
  • CBD Products

Try mixing your own juice today at!



10.) MyVaporStore

Last but certainly not least is MyVaporStore. They coin themselves as "The Electronic Cigarette Super Store" and that is pretty on-point. Carrying everything you could possibly dream of and more, MyVaporStore is a behemoth when it comes to stock. Offering just about every brand and competitively priced, MyVaporStore is a great option when looking to shop for vape supplies online. 

  • Extensive selection of brands
  • Free shipping on order over $75
  • CBD & Cannabis products

Head over to to see for yourself!






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