Spring Vapecation Contest Entries


Spring Vapecation Contest Entries

The weather is warming up, the sun is hanging out longer, you know what that means? Sun’s out, vape’s out! 

So for this months contest we have challenged in the most relaxing way possible. Show us how you spend your vapecation by sending us in pictures of you relaxing with your vape, or if you’re traveling this spring break so grab a shot of your vape near a cool landmark!

Not inclined to travel this season? Doesn’t mean you can’t use your imagination. We've challenged you to send us your description of a dream vapecation

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If you feel compelled to send in your own entry read the rules and submission guidelines HERE.

Remember to check back here for new entries as we update daily as they come in. Entries are ordered with the most recent submissions on the top.


Lester S.

My dream vacation would be to go to some lake in the mountains. While its warm and camp out for 3 days and hike on the mountain .Swim in the lake with my wife and two kids, just have a blast exploring and discovering wild flowers ,rocks,things that are not around our home.We would ride mountin bikes on a trail and see where it takes us


William B.

Vapecation in Newport Beach, California!


Cristal G.

Some shots from some road trips this Spring.


Joshua F.

As I grip the leather of my AEGIS legend that was purchased through eight vape, I can't help but imagine myself surrounded by a tropical rainforest. Somewhere far away from Louisiana. Blowing sweet clouds of Lava Flow by naked 100. That's my #vapecation 


Mark S.

vacation is not all about the sun. If you love to vape like I do it is a great time to get pics that you would not normally be able to do unless you lived the the Caribbean. With that being said I didn’t  think there was enough clouds in the sky so i busted out the wakemod mech with hand made aliens and started making more clouds.


Holly M.

We are hunters and huntresses, back deep in the woods, on the tops of mountains, living off the land by the sweat of our brows and honing our skills for the thrill of the hunt. With that comes a great responsibility to keep our forests clean and unharmed for the next generation. Which also promotes healthy wildlife! So many forest fires are started by the careless flick of a cigarette. On our yearly spring vapecation we hike, ride horses and travel by quads to our favorite hunting & fishing spots. We resettle our tree stands, clear out debris and slash from our campsites, pick up trash, recycle what we can, and camp with the critters under the stars! And we all bring our favorite mods & pods & devices! This is how we survive. This is how we live. Life is always a vapecation for us! -WyOarcher


Jeffrey R.

Couldn’t afford to go anywhere so I’m just chilling on the back porch waiting for Happy Hour :P


Mark S.

Some go on vacation to relax and lay in the sun. I go on vacation to relax with my kylin 11 sitting atop the manto mod in the Caribbean. Nothing more relaxing then a great vape and spectacular views.


Dan B.

Copper Falls, Wisconsin


Josh D.

My dream vacation would be go to Disney world and take the kids


Cheryl S.

I can’t afford a spring vacation this year but I can imagine a lovely time. I would love to be able to take a Caribbean cruise and hit several tropical islands. I can imagine sitting by the pool on the ship and vaping out of my Revenger. It would have to be a pineapple and strawberry concoction that would fit the mood. The sun soaking into my skin, the smell of my vape and the sounds of the ocean would all contribute to a completely relaxing and enjoyable time. I’m sure I’d have a pina colada sitting on the little table next to me and I would take a drink then take a vape and just enjoy being able to exhale all my stress and troubles out with a cloud of sweet strawberries and pineapples. This would be an ideal vacation and a memory worth making. 


Kathleen K.

Fishing on a lake when I was gifted a beautiful sunset.


Thomas T.

My honest vapecation is anywhere with my family. I work two jobs. I would love to just have time with them. A fun beach trip or even just to the local farmers market. Me and my profile rda would be happy with that. :) thank you 


Meagan T.

My dream vapecation would be on a wonderful private island with my daughter and boyfriend. While we are on the beach vaping our favorite juices and salt-nics, watching her play in the sand and water life is amazing. Think of the sand being warm on your toes, (not too hot, not too cold, but just right)! The sands colors are amazingly beautiful, absolutely mind boggling with shades of soft pinks, warm tans and stunning creams next to a deep beautiful transparent teal body of water with beautiful, yet subtle waves! We watch her play while in our bamboo beach chairs, I’ll be vaping my favorite drink, strawberry lemonade from TWIST! I’m sure the boyfriend will be vaping a great dessert since he doesn’t have a favorite. Soon we will get up and make a massive sand castle with our little princess and once we’re done, I’ll send him off to cook LOL and I’ll get back to vaping some salt-nic this time. One of my favorite salts in my favorite pod device! Any type of menthol or mango if they aren’t combined in my Orion! Finally, my family will eat together under the stars on this mystery island and then after we shower and put the princess to bed, he and I will lie down in the double hammock and watch the stars and vape some more before we drift back to the bedroom for sleep and another day full of fun!


Timesha B.

I'm spending my vapecation cleaning and organizing my craft room so I can get back to doing what I love. 


Thomas "Tee"

My name's Thomas. I'm a regular customer with you guys, and saw your ad for the #vapecation contest, so I figured I'd give it a go. 
As someone who travels for a living, I almost steadily live my life like it's a vacation. Well, I say that, but there's a lot of business that goes on between my bits of free time, not to mention if I can even afford to go out and do something. The thing is, I only travel within the US, but I have big ambitions to find my way around the world for several real vacations in the future. That being said, there's probably two of the many places I want to go that would top the list.

First would be the island nation of Mauritius. It's like Hawaii, but minus the costs and tourists, plus all the same beauty and more diversity. I want to travel the whole island, and most especially paddle board out in the clear pristine waters, to float atop the massive trench that lay between it's forested bodies of land. Of course, I'd want to venture to the top of the tallest mountain overlooking the rural part of the island out into the Indian ocean...I'm sure it would be an unparalleled experience.

But if I had to choose another spot, it would be a three week journey across Poland to Romania. Starting in Gdansk, I would visit historical cities, World War sites, and of course the rural plains. The buffalo of the primeval forest would be a wonder to see in person. From there, I'd take my girlfriend on her dream trip to the mountains in Romania, to see the castle of Dracule. The journey would be tough, but the beautiful architecture among desolate mountains would be awe inspiring. 

There's many other spring destinations I'd love to visit...but they're obviously not your typical ones. My girlfriend and I both run VOOPOO A1 (mine is silver, hers black), and from my experience they'd be durable enough to handle the arduous trip. Not to mention, Dinner Lady Strawberry Bikini would probably be best enjoyed with a breath of fresh mountain air. 
I hope you've enjoyed my ramblings at least a little. Y'all take care. 


Saul M.

I wish to be blowing huge clouds walking along the wide open areas of Ireland. Exploring castles and vaping along the most beautiful fields and walking down cobbler Stone streets with my boyfriend and our kids. Teaching the kids about a different culture and a new history. Then of course, have a picture taken everywhere with at least one huge clouds.


This is my picture vaping and chilling



Charlotte V.

Here "I" am. For my vaycay I’m kitty for a day


Mandie G.

my #vapecation consists of fresh florida air, a beautiful sunset view, and my i-priv filled with my favorite e-liquid, always ordered from 🎱vape 🤤, pure serenity.



Katie B. 

I’m glamping right now so here’s a photo of my crown 4 in the woods. I am a hot mess so I’m not going to be in it 🤣 it’s not the greatest but being outdoors with my vape is the best vacation I could ask for!


Kelly W.

Greetings 🎱vape!

No vacation is complete without a trip to the beach!  Vape in hand, feet in sand, and waves lapping the shore; it's my dream #vapecation!  Nothing more relaxing than watching a beach sunrise with my favorite setup, and here is my #handcheck to prove it!  Surf's Up! 🌊🌴


Robert W.

sitting on earth facing the world of cable tv drinkin mountain dew vaping strawberry coconut pineapple juice with my feet up in recliner snacking on good ole pizza rolls is vacation this year lol

Maryam M.

My dream vacation is to be with my boyfriend away from others. To be honest we could stay at home watching movies or just cuddling while we vape. We have a long distance relationship. But he means the world to me, any chance I would get to be with him, I’ll take it. For me a vacation isn’t going somewhere different. It can be anywhere just with the one person in this whole world who means everything to me, doing everyday activities together. Cuddling, vaping, watching a movie, or even just scrolling through our phones, but it would be a vacation for me cause I’d be with him. Being together is my vacation from the world, and everyone else around us. And that sounds so cliche but we can’t be together next to each other often, so being and spending time with him is my dream vacation.


Amir E.

Me on a vacation in New Orleans in front of a smoke shop #Vapecation


Gail M.

Hunter Mt skiing!


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    I Vote Katie B. for Glamping

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