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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Sense Orbit TF Review, Why Did You Even Bother Sense?

Jordan Premonics

Posted on July 30 2019

Sense Orbit TF Review, Why Did You Even Bother Sense?

Today we’re taking a look at the Orbit TF from Sense, a newer button-style pod device coming out of China. Typically I like to give manufacturers the benefit of the doubt, especially when it comes to pod devices, since that market is rapidly expanding with no end to the innovation in sight. But there’s a big issue inherent in such exponential technological progress, each new advancement you make ends up being adopted and implemented before any proper testing is done. When this happens, companies regularly release half baked tech that leaves the in-depth testing to customers. That's how you get an entire marketplace saturated with poorly made devices.   

I think that's my main issue with the Orbit TF, it just doesn’t work.

The Design 

As far as the looks of the device go I can’t say I have any issues with the Orbit TF. They’re available in a multitude of chic resin colors designed to match any vapers personality. The device is compact and built with rounded edges for a comfortable grip. 

There’s a handy rotating hinge cap at the top of the pod section for Salt Nic E-Liquid refilling, but I noticed that it popped open in my pocket more than once and left me with E-Liquid soaked pants. Not the best feature for a device that you’re meant to carry with you 24/7.  

They did add a nice redeeming feature to the Orbit TF, on the pod section there’s a small piece which is cut out and replaced with clear plastic. This allows you to see the juice level of your pod and add juice as necessary to avoid dry hits. Also, on the front of the device there’s an LED light which displays battery strength. The Orbit TF comes with 3 fire modes to choose from, each of which activated a different colored LED so you can keep track of your vape settings. 

How it Works

Great! For about a week…..

I got this device for testing a few weeks back but I had a backlog of pod devices to get through so it’s taken me awhile to actually test it. But I can say with the utmost confidence, this device sucks. I don’t normally take such a big swing at companies, but man, Sense, what are you guys doing?

Even when it was working, the Orbit TF sounds like it’s about to EXPLODE with literally EVERY SINGLE PUFF. I was sitting in the back of the office while testing this device and every time I took a hit off of it the insane amounts of pops and crackling coming from the atomizer would turn heads around the room. I had someone come in and ask if there was an electrical outlet short-circuiting, that's how loud the popping and gurgling coming out of the Orbit TF is. I know this is an issue with all pod devices, but I have never tested a device where the crackling was that noticeable and concerning! Within 72 hours of usage the device had somehow fogged up internally and is now giving me a series of blinking lights despite all my troubleshooting efforts. 

Now, it's entirely possible that this particular device sent to me is defective and the rest of their product line is perfectly fine. However, barring the fact that the device has completely stopped working within a week of me testing it, I’m still not crazy about it. For one, the flavor produced by the atomizer is slightly muted and when it comes to vaping I’m all about the flavor so that's a big issue for me. 

Another problem is the amount of vaper you get from this device. While that sounds like a non-issue or even a benefit for most people, let me explain my reasoning. I’ve been vaping for years now and I own pretty much every style of device out there, from single battery pen mods and built in battery pods, to full sized dual and even triple battery mods with DNA Chipsets. When I go out with friends to a bar or what have you, I’m not looking to blow massive clouds out of a triple battery box mod. I want a pod device because I can get the satisfaction of smoking without exhaling obnoxiously sized clouds in a closed setting. The Orbit TF completely goes in the opposite direction of most pod devices and focuses on cloud production instead of flavor. So I gotta ask, why would they even bother calling it a pod device when they basically just made a micro sub-ohm device?


  • Tommy Ashley: November 03, 2019

    Worked ok for about 2 weeks then issues with it not hitting. Thought it might have been a bad device so we ordered another one and same problem, burned twice, you got me china

  • Jen: October 20, 2019

    I have two of the orbit tf and I thought that this is one of the most flavorful devices I have ever used, nearly too much. What you said on the popping and crackling and the clouds are spot on though. Both of mine have worked well with no issues, one for over two months.

  • why bother jordan?: September 24, 2019

    you might actually be an idiot.

  • Sadie: August 09, 2019

    My husband has the smaller version of the Sense Orbit and every one he’s had has been defective. They’d either quit working all together or they’d randomly come one by itself and burn up a coil. Not to mention that the pod constantly falls out because it doesn’t fit together right. They’re terrible!!!

  • Jesse: July 30, 2019

    So the orbit TF may be bad, but will the regular orbit make its way onto the site? I have the sense sidekik and it’s super discreet and very nice. An upgrade for when I’m done with the sidekik for a more nord type of pod system would be great.

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