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Howdy-do, vape lovers! Today's article is a preview of the new SMOK device, the SMOK Thiner. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be pronounced like "Thinner," or "Finer," but rest assured that I will do absolutely no research whatsoever to find out. It's a word I dislike, that they clearly chose for one of two reasons:

1.) Easier Copyrighting, or

2.) Blatant illiteracy.

Grammar rules dictate that it be pronounced like "Finer," so that's my headcanon from now on. Regardless of SMOK's inscrutable naming decisions, let's take a look at the kit, shall we? It is, for what it's worth, a pretty-looking device. Here it is from a bunch of sexy angles, like they do at the supermodel photo shoots:

Yes... Yes... Yes... NO! NO!


Let's be honest; this design, at a glance, doesn't seem to be reinventing the wheel when compared to other similar designs (like the Suorin Air,) but it's a good look for SMOK to adopt. Plus, they have it in six dynamic colors, to suit everyone's tastes:
Personally, I'd have named that last one "Blurple." It's just a fun word to say.


The SMOK Thiner (Ugh, that name,) definitely looks to be a sleek, flat, space-saver of a device. Housed in that slim, trim little body, (a sentence I just felt a little dirty about while typing,) is a rechargeable 700mAh rechargeable battery. It uses a type-C charging port, on the bottom of the device.

The money shot, ladies and gentlemen.



The other thing this simple, sleek kit has going for it is an adjustable wattage. You can adjust it from 5W to 25W, allowing you to vape at your own pace. You can also view it on a vibrant, .69 inch display on the face of the device. Behold!



The pod is plug-and-play, with a magnetic connection, and can be filled through the port on the side. It holds up to 4ml of juice, in whatever flavor your heart desires.

Boy, it's a good thing they warn you that it's addictive when you're trying to reload it. Good timing, fellas.


Now, as usual, I'm sure you're drooling for stats! So here are your numbers and stats, you MATH VULTURES.

Hoo, boy. That's some fancy metric stuff right there.


And lastly, here's what comes in the kit:


And that's that! It's a new design for SMOK, (but not rewriting the vaping industry,) It has a name that is nigh unpronounceable with any confidence, but it's got a decent sized pod, rechargeable battery, and seems to be a pretty slick design. Knowing SMOK, this thing will sell like hotcakes. (Which is funny, because their hotcakes aren't selling at all.)


Until next time, Vapers!

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